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at the scene of action


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The video camera records on-the-scene evidence of speeding and offences such as dangerous driving, crossing continuous white lines and breaking red lights.
Ideal for everyday story-tellers, the LEGRIA mini X merges Canon's signature video quality with advanced sound and a highly flexible design, making it ideal for almost any kind of video capture - from on-the-scene reporting, documentaries and self-recording, to capturing live music or theatrical performances.
We're not actively looking, but we have an on-the-scene presence," he said, in the AP report.
The application is used for crowdsourcing on-the-scene information, field service communications, situational awareness, and more.
So too is the genuine admiration felt across Scotland and around the world for the emergency services and the on-the-scene volunteers who put themselves at such great risk on Friday evening.
Morales his Miranda warnings at the scene of the stabbing because he was not in custody at that time, and his statements were in response to "general on-the-scene questioning.
Following a bloody shootout, the on-the-scene, younger Tonto suggests crusading survivor John wears a mask to become invincible.
Anheuser-Busch provided on-the-scene relief in the form of 44.
While many Iranian commentaries assert that Canada acted at the bidding of the United States, many analysts think the Americans aren't happy to lose the on-the-scene insights of Canadian diplomats after losing the on-the-scene insights of British diplomats.
Jim was the person around whom our efforts coalesced that night; he became the leader of those who rescued personnel trapped in the rubble, traveled across the burning city to rescue the labor attache in the rubble of his collapsed house and gave Washington its first on-the-scene reporting.
Doctors told John the only reason she pulled through was because of the swift on-the-scene treatment from doctors and paramedics.
Americans witnessed graphic and stirring scenes on the televised evening news that became more disturbing, especially when on-the-scene reporters began to conclude that the war was unwinnable.
Where else but in these pages is the roiling Detroit of a playwright's imagination likely to sidle up to the gritty-but-optimistic Detroit of a journalist's on-the-scene reportage?
The good news is that new, on-the-scene forensic tools are slowly making their way into the hands of law enforcement officials.
When an airplane lands in the Hudson, there may be only a couple of cell phone photos or videos and a handful of on-the-scene accounts sent forth on blogs or social networks.