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at the scene of action


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Doctors told John the only reason she pulled through was because of the swift on-the-scene treatment from doctors and paramedics.
The good news is that new, on-the-scene forensic tools are slowly making their way into the hands of law enforcement officials.
When an airplane lands in the Hudson, there may be only a couple of cell phone photos or videos and a handful of on-the-scene accounts sent forth on blogs or social networks.
The account draws on personal interviews with those involved, including division commanders and infantrymen, and is illustrated with about 150 on-the-scene color photos, plus several maps.
s recovery of comments by on-the-scene observers to Roman Catholic ecumenical stances developed during and after Vatican II.
He presents a guide to practical, day-to-day, on-the-scene disaster response and crisis intervention by all interveners.
The young American Jew, now an Israeli solider about to be flooded with on-the-scene knowledge of what previously had been abstractions about the Israeli-Palestinian wars, found the prison to be "bereft of kindness.
Hammon involved another domestic violence case, reported to responding police officers on-the-scene rather than to a 911 operator.
The on-the-scene tests are important, he said, because some elements in the water sample can change rapidly.
Members of the department often accompany teams "downrange," or outside of Camp Lemonier, to provide on-the-scene logistical support prior to and during operations.
This month, we return to Israel and Lebanon, with an essay by Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery and an on-the-scene story by Beirut reporter Raed El Rafei.
This information often can be drawn from sources that already exist, but those sources are scattered and usually not quickly available to on-the-scene commanders in emergencies.
In relating the details of the Ocoee riot, Patterson informs us that she uses both Hurston's account and that of Walter White, who was there in 1920--but the confusion between these two accounts--18 years apart--leaves the reader with the erroneous impression that Hurston's reportage was original and on-the-scene.
It is ideal for on-the-scene connectivity when satellite news vans are unavailable or unfeasible - or as a reliable, portable back-up solution.
Some of the scenes are quite hard to stomach ( but there is a team of you that works together from the forensic pathologist to the lab worker to the on-the-scene guys.