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Antonyms for on-site

taking place or located at the site


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Third, on-site fleet fueling can enhance budgeting and forecasting through unique truck-to-office technology.
Overall, with the exception of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device (LNG-IUD, Mirena)--for which on-site availability was reported by 56% of office-based physicians and 47% of Title X clinic providers--office-based physicians were less likely than were Title X clinics to report on-site availability of a range of contraceptive methods.
Tenants have full access to an on-site concierge service as well as the common conference center.
In times of excessively high fuel costs, contractors are looking for alternative solutions and finding them in on-site operations, saving time, fuel, transportation and material costs.
I have come around to believe that off-site shredding is at least as secure as on-site shredding, if not more so," he adds.
The DISAM curriculum allows small teams of instructors to conduct on-site courses and overseas METs throughout the year while the resident courses are in session in Dayton.
The on-site management team can also work with the central office to define customized reports that meet business needs for all levels of management.
On-site research is the only reliable way to determine what generated the impulse purchase.
In that event, should one or more of such engagements be selected for review in the firm's on-site quality review?
The researchers also found that the incidence of emergency coronary artery bypass surgery for both classifications of patients was low at centers without on-site surgery capabilities.
To help protect the environment and reduce demand on southwestern Connecticut's already overloaded electrical grid, Midtown Equities has created a four-part "energy initiatives program" for Steel Point that will use on-site, renewable energy sources to eventually power 10 to 15 percent (5-7 MW) of its annual energy need.
As employers look for ways to further reduce healthcare costs, one strategy that is growing in acceptance is the establishment of on-site medical clinics and pharmacies.
On-site Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASACs) to provide screening, assessment and referrals to treatment;
On-Site Health and Wellness Clinic Operator Grows Nearly 20 Percent, Adds 2 New Clients and Opens 21 New Facilities in 2006
In recognition of the increased demands of investors and developers in the New York real estate market, Douglas Elliman, a leading New York residential real estate brokerage firm, has become a major force in the on-site marketing and sale of new residential construction, downtown loft conversions, and cooperative and condominium conversions.