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Synonyms for on-line

on a regular route of a railroad or bus or airline system

connected to a computer network or accessible by computer



being in progress now


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The developer of the On-Line Profilometer designs and manufactures precision, non-contact measurement systems for a variety of industrial markets.
It became apparent that the experiences these teachers-in-training had with on-line learning could be related to those experienced by typical emergent readers.
Of the 68 agencies that responded to the survey, 27 percent provided sexual offender information, 9 percent offered accident report information, and 18 percent allowed individuals to file reports on-line.
Forrester predicts on-line business-to-business auctions will transact $52.
Gay culture is so pervasive on-line, David Leavitt, among other writers, mentions it in his book Equal Affections, in which the main character's boyfriend gets so high from cybersex that it nearly wrecks their relationship -- not unheard-of in real life.
It has its share of company and product information, but it also offers you the ability to test some developmental software on-line for free through the HSI Java ToolKit Beta Site.
Industry analysts say consumers are eagerly embracing on-line transactions for their fun.
You can pay all household, credit and small business bills on-line.
This was the year the Internet went mainstream as a medium and the gay and lesbian market on-line is an enormous part of that," says Tom Rielly, the computer visionary behind PlanetOut who convinced a host of investors to give him $3 million to create the on-line service.
The on-line lab pairs Roane State composition students with graduate writing tutors at UALR.
Prior to the availability of the Serveron Transformer Monitor Model TM3, on-line monitoring was focused on only the most critical transformers in the grid.
The 12-year-old from Woodland Hills and her mother, Linda, are active members of America Online, the country's largest on-line service provider.
New "Builders' On-Line Training" Will Deliver Affordable Web-Base Training in Homebuilding Management, Financial Practices, Sales, and Executive Leadership
In a partnership aimed at forming a vibrant local on-line community in Los Angeles, the Daily News has launched a site on America Online as part of AOL's new Digital City Los Angeles.