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literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption


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To examine these anxieties (even the third) is not mere omphaloskepsis, I hope: it may help us treat the crisis or dispel the worries.
The only category mysteriously missing is The A-List Uselessly Self- Aggrandizing Awards Show, which Bravo could reward to itself, thereby allowing the ceremony to fold into itself and disappear into a black hole of omphaloskepsis.
I was a little smarty-pants--I always loved competitions," declares composer/lyricist William Finn, explaining why he was drawn to the material in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, his new musical that revolves around orthographic puzzlers like omphaloskepsis and weltanschauung.
It's the omphaloskepsis syndrome, where people like to look at their own navels.
The point, as near as I can make it out, is to achieve a kind of perpetual omphaloskepsis, repeatedly examining yourself and your motives and connections with the world around, and thus achieving health, or at least avoiding neurosis, by putting forth, as much and continuously as possible, the authentic self.