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protrusion of the intestine and omentum through a hernia in the abdominal wall near the navel

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Bifidobacterium septicemia associated with postoperative probiotic therapy in a neonate with omphalocele.
A thin membrane that keeps the organs intact usually covers the omphalocele.
After the loss of your daughter Victoria to omphalocele (a birth defect that causes organs to grow outside the body), you decided to adopt.
The study excluded infants with severe asphyxia, fetal chromosomal anomalies, cyanotic congenital heart disease, congenital intestinal atresia, gastroschisis, omphalocele, exclusive formula feeding, and a history of fasting for >3 weeks.
They focused on babies born between 1997 and 2003 with one of seven birth defects: diaphragmatic hernia, esophageal atresia, intestinal atresia, anorectal atresia, neural tube defects, omphalocele, and limb reduction.
They found no association between maternal use of SSRIs during pregnancy and heart defects as a whole, nor was there any association with craniosynostosis, omphalocele, or neural tube defects.
Long-term respiratory support in children with giant omphalocele.
PMH included BWS with associated macroglossia and omphalocele.
In the spring of 2013, she assisted students in organizing a benefit for a neighborhood young boy afflicted with omphalocele, an abdominal wall defect.
About the Special Delivery Unit The unique eight-bed labor and delivery unit was the first of its kind to exclusively care for babies born with a wide range of birth defects such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia, omphalocele, and gastroschisis, or genetic conditions and other fetal conditions unique to complicated twin pregnancies such as twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
Omphalocele is a midline defect of the abdominal wall at the site of attachment of the umbilical cord that occurs in approximately 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 7,000 births.
Rich et al reported associated anomalies in 46% of children presenting with urachal anomalies including omphalocele, omphalomesenteric remnant, meningomyelocele, unilateral kidney, hydronephrosis and vaginal atresia (3).
dagger]) Origin: 1, postsurgical visceral infection; 2, postsurgical orthopedic infection; 3, nosocomial urinary tract infection; 4, community-acquired urinary tract infection; 5, omphalocele infection.
However, the literature review showed that the association with maternal obesity approached significance for omphalocele, craniosynostosis, and simultaneous multiple anomalies.