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Synonyms for omnivorousness

the quality or condition of being voracious

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Its author's wide-eyed intellectual omnivorousness is in a way more American than European.
Regulars will know of this column's admiration for the uncritical omnivorousness of the Dutch site a-matter at www.
I am not so sure of their total digestion, but I do recognize their omnivorousness, their heaping the plate with every piping-hot vice and outrage they could muster.
The next chapter, "The Human Form," explores the meaning of the upright posture and human omnivorousness in pointing to the possibilities of human beings as free, rational, and ethical animals.
Achterberg and Houtman (2005) operationalized musical omnivorousness as the status distance between the most highbrow music and the most lowbrow music chosen by a person.