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Synonyms for omnivorous

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Antonyms for omnivorous

feeding on both plants and animals

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I-Frozen Product, Carnivorous and Omnivorous Animals Zoo Garboavele, Galati County, in the Natural Science Museum Complex Galati, Under Orders Purchaser During 24 Months in Accordance with the Specifications.
2mmHg compared with consumption of omnivorous diets.
The study, conducted by the university's Arnold School of Public Health and published in The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences, compared the amount of weight lost by those on vegan diets to those on a mostly plant-based diet, and those eating an omnivorous diet with a mix of animal products and plant based foods.
She's omnivorous in her stylistic tastes, applying the speed and technical brilliance developed at SAB to Balanchine roles like "Rubies" and drawing on her expressiveness in featured parts in works by Matthew Neenan and Jiri Kylian.
The Italian wall lizard, Podareis siculus, is an opportunistic, omnivorous, lacertid lizard native to Italy and the east Adriatic coast.
The animal is completely harmless and largely nocturnal with an omnivorous diet, feeding on fruits and sometimes scavenging, said Wildlife SOS officials.
While all samples contained signs of meat consumption, two samples showed traces of plants - the first direct evidence that Neanderthals may have enjoyed an omnivorous diet.
Blackbirds are omnivorous feeding on insects, earthworms, berries, and fruits.
In both the clinical trials and studies, regular consumption of vegetarian diet helped lower mean systolic BP and diastolic BP, compared to the ones following an omnivorous diet.
While that may be ethically challenging for some, for nearly every condition, working with omnivorous patients in this way while advocating incorporation of more whole plant foods, not only supports the goal [of advocating a vegetarian/vegan diet], but will be essential to reach it.
Dr Saif Mohammed Al Ghais, Executive Director of the EPDA-RAK, said the omnivorous bird, which takes seeds, insects and other small creatures, is considered an icon of the Arabian deserts and is widely prized in Arabia as a quarry for falconers.
This is the first randomized study that directly compares how vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous dietary patterns that do not emphasize caloric restriction can impact body weight.
The uncharacteristically wide and dense spread of this omnivorous animal has caused farmers heavy losses as the animals eat all available vegetation.
TURNER CONTEMPORARY May * 25-September 15 * Curated by Brian Dillon "Curiosity" is a sobriquet that suggests the recondite and faintly declasse: qualities, no doubt, that recommend it to the arcana-loving, culturally omnivorous New York-based magazine Cabinet and to its UK editor Brian Dillon, who's curated this bursting Wunderkammer of an exhibition.
Omnivorous individuals were found to produce more TMAO than vegetarians and vegans after consuming L-carnitine.