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00--Like many collections of essays, this work is a veritable omnium-gatherum, both in terms of topics and quality.
Sometimes this kind of author is a garden columnist for a newspaper or magazine whose omnium-gatherum is a series of small essays, usually arranged by month or season.
The list of "diagnoses, events, and procedures" used for evaluating the effects of prayer was an omnium-gatherum of things that might happen or be done to any patient in the CCU.
Instead, curator Philipp Kaiser presented a kind of omnium-gatherum, the leftovers of the last thirty years and more, as it were: a carefully folded cloth, patched together from old painting rags (Hudel [Rags], 1982-97); the artist's bicycle; and a homemade birdhouse in the shape of his little holiday cottage (Chasina d'Utschels, 1981).
Tickets for the remaining three plays are currently on sale: A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O'Neill (September 5 - September 28) directed by ACT Artistic Director Kurt Beattie, followed by Omnium-Gatherum (October 10 - November 2) and The Syringa Tree (October 31 - November 23).
The poem is a swarming omnium-gatherum of all (one hopes it is all) of Hill's major and minor preoccupations for the past several decades.