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After all, he's omniscient and omnipresent, so He sees everything and He's everywhere, all the time.
In Grass's summation, the Foucauldian perspective envisions a thoroughly chastened subject, exhaustively monitored by omniscient narration and free indirect discourse, a hapless pawn in a world in which "individuals .
But one historical documentary demonstrates that, in some cases at least, the omniscient narrator is unnecessary.
The main players are Gerry, an omniscient senior consultant, and Bob, a junior resident who is subjected to Gerry's extemporizations.
Now the omniscient free market in its divine-ish wisdom has decided to bumrush U.
I agree with Chris that if I don't do well on my biology exam it is because I am not able to learn science"), omniscient authority (e.
Being omniscient, God knows full well what choices we will make and weaves even our bad decisions into his providential plan for the world.
It's a far cry from the glory days of Nero Fork and Esquire in the mid-1960s, when young writers like Dick Schaap and Gay Talese upended the journalism craft by immersing themselves in the world of their famous quarry, then employing novelistic writing techniques--including an omniscient knowledge of their subjects' interior lives--to give readers bracingly fresh insights into people they thought they knew well.
Of course, death is a rather vague condition in this particular suburb, where goings-on are narrated from the omniscient afterlife by Mary Alice (Brenda Strong), who committed suicide in last season's pilot episode.
What Remains of Us does make use of Griersonian voice-over; however, the voice belongs not to an authoritative, omniscient being but to Dolma, who (ambiguously) places herself in the action.
but it cannot lead us to an Omniscient, Omnipotent God, which the Holy Koran is talking about.
Frodahl's vocals (Portishead-like: omniscient and on the verge of tears), haunting and beautiful, dominate the mood of each cut.
Netreo has introduced their new Securitas line of Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) to complement and integrate with the existing Omniscient family of IT and security management products.
He alternates between first-, second-, and third-person points of view, and just as often he alternates between omniscient and epistolary narration and frequently throws in some travelogue, seemingly just because he can.
and "Do you draw strength from your unwavering faith in an omniscient deity who favors those born in the middle of the North American land mass above all others?