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the state of being omniscient

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By most accounts, Murdoch's omniscience grows out of a fierce micromanagement style that has him perusing weekly ``flash reports'' from his various enterprises.
The narrator's omniscience is entirely appropriate, because, in Jamaica, Gwennie's story is not an anomaly, nor are her trials exceptional.
He does interweave melancholy social facts of alcoholism and poverty with the practice of witchcraft, but he does not use Hillerman's conventional mystery point of view, limited third-person omniscience, or the mystery-solution structure.
Their finite boundaries and measurable distance from one another produced a sense of spatial and temporal displacement that inspired delusions of grandeur, feelings of omniscience, and the desire to contemplate the transcendent on the part of the spectator.
OTCBB: DDVS) today announced that its German subsidiaries, galaxis technology ag and Omniscience Multimedia Lab GmbH, have entered into an agreement with their principal bank lenders to settle all outstanding loan obligations, amounting to more than $22 million, for a one time payment of $6.
Omniscience and Religious Authority: A Study on Praj[+ or -]akaragupta's </Pramanavarttikalankarabhasya/> ad <Pramanavarttika/> II 8-10 and 29-33
maintains the tone of narrative omniscience and balance standard to other textbooks of American diplomatic history, but acknowledges and discusses controversies among nationalist, realist, revisionist, institutionalist, and other historians in a concluding section for each chapter.
I welcome Barbara Olson's response as a contribution to a discussion of omniscience that seems to me long overdue.
Omniscience is a little harder to gauge than omnipotence.
Victorian fiction scholar Audrey Jaffe, author of Vanishing Points: Dickens, Narrative, and the Subject of Omniscience, covers the period's most outstanding works, including Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Shelley's Frankenstein, Dickens's Great Expectations, James's Portrait of a Lady and Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground, to discover how the genre shaped literature from that time up to the experimental literature of today.
Science and omniscience in nineteenth-century literature.
one assumes that, like all novelists, she enjoys the privilege of omniscience denied to tellers ill everyday life.
Some might answer that question by pointing to God's omniscience.
This is why the Constitution only allows a 60-day period, and extendible for another 60-day maximum period, because not even a President can have the divine power of omniscience,' the senator added.
Among the topics are ironic mythology: reading the fictiveness of The Cone-Gatherers, the art of uncertainty: forms of omniscience in his novels, perspectives on the postcolonial, the short stories, confessions of an unbeliever: religion in the novels, innocence and corruption in Lady Magdalen and Just Duffy, and reprise or resolution in A Would-be Saint and his final novel The Pearl Fishers.