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the state of being omnipotent

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From the omnipotence of Parliament the colonists appealed to the rights of man and the omnipotence of the God of battles.
Though the power of Omnipotence had been his to wield at that moment, he had too much of its diviner property of Mercy in his breast, to have turned one feather's weight of it against her.
The blindness of the preacher consisted in deferring to the base estimate of the market of what constitutes a manly success, instead of confronting and convicting the world from the truth; announcing the presence of the soul; the omnipotence of the will; and so establishing the standard of good and ill, of success and falsehood.
When I will to move my arm, they said, it is not my will that operates on my arm, but God, who, by His omnipotence, moves my arm whenever I want it moved.
His temperament fitted his remorseless task, and his omnipotence made him inaccessible to reasonable argument.
I had been talking a great deal to him of the power of God, His omnipotence, His aversion to sin, His being a consuming fire to the workers of iniquity; how, as He had made us all, He could destroy us and all the world in a moment; and he listened with great seriousness to me all the while.
Catherine Keller makes the very hair argument from a process theology framework that even the most traditional formulations of Gods omnipotence must take into account the limitation on God's power that is necessitated in the very act of creation.
The only way we can continue to affirm God's unqualified goodness is if we abandon all "strong theologies" preoccupied with divine omnipotence.
The prize money on The Weakest Link is measly in comparison to the other shows I've mentioned, so I don't know why the contestants let Robinson get away with her nauseating air of omnipotence.
Reitan conveniently ignores the question that follows inevitably from this "law of love": how can an all-loving God countenance (or, depending upon one's view of his omnipotence, cause) the suffering and death of thousands of Jesus-loving, God-worshiping Christians, as, for example, those of Haitians in the earthquake?
Tripoli, Mar 25 (ANI): Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi might have been facing strong opposition from the international arena and within his own country, but latest reports have suggested that he is still being supported by many in the oil-rich country who gathered at Tripoli's central Green Square chanting the omnipotence of Gaddafi's self-ascribed role: "God, Moammar, Libya: Enough
AoThe MessageAo, the albumAAEs opening salvo, follows those aforementioned laptop clicks with a nursery rhyme about Big BrotherAAEs digital omnipotence.
For example, the authors claim that Roberts's most popular films concern a woman in search of her own identity: "[t] he Julia Roberts type is a hodgepodge of vulnerability and innocence on the one hand and omnipotence fantasies on the other.
His omnipotence is manifested precisely in the fact that He freely accepted suffering.
Recent relational psychoanalysis, however, supplies what Kucich is convinced is a more useful grammar of preoedipal masochism: masochism that is chiefly of a narcissistic rather than sexual character and thus linked to fantasies of omnipotence.