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the state of being omnipotent

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From the omnipotence of Parliament the colonists appealed to the rights of man and the omnipotence of the God of battles.
Son, thou in whom my glory I behold In full resplendence, Heir of all my might, Neerly it now concernes us to be sure Of our Omnipotence, and with what Arms We mean to hold what anciently we claim Of Deitie or Empire, such a foe Is rising, who intends to erect his Throne Equal to ours, throughout the spacious North; Nor so content, hath in his thought to trie In battel, what our Power is, or our right.
His temperament fitted his remorseless task, and his omnipotence made him inaccessible to reasonable argument.
I had been talking a great deal to him of the power of God, His omnipotence, His aversion to sin, His being a consuming fire to the workers of iniquity; how, as He had made us all, He could destroy us and all the world in a moment; and he listened with great seriousness to me all the while.
The blindness of the preacher consisted in deferring to the base estimate of the market of what constitutes a manly success, instead of confronting and convicting the world from the truth; announcing the presence of the soul; the omnipotence of the will; and so establishing the standard of good and ill, of success and falsehood.
Though the power of Omnipotence had been his to wield at that moment, he had too much of its diviner property of Mercy in his breast, to have turned one feather's weight of it against her.
It exhibits its universalism as symbol of eternity and infinity, and omnipotence.
Knowledge of Russian activity - without acknowledgement - allows the Kremlin to cultivate a fearsome image of omnipotence.
We are going down a road where he is becoming intoxicated by his omnipotence," said the 65 year-old who is well-known for his use of powerful language.
If these communities accepted the rationality of the fundamentals of all true religion--a single Creator God; His omnipotence, omniscience, and eternal life; His justice; the rationality of good and evil; and that God had sent Messengers to various peoples with equally valid messages and laws--they could respect each other and compete in doing good as the Qur'an commands.
This legendary Elizabethan tragedy tells the tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil, exchanging 24 years of omnipotence for eternal damnation.
Respect EU decision AS a very young child, still partly in a state of infantile omnipotence, I would often lose at a simple game in an intemperate and petulant manner.
Cain holds to process theology, which denies God's omnipotence and omniscience but argues that God acts by persuasion, not decree.
MACLEOD: Can you talk more about the omnipotence of God through the Holy Spirit?
Melanie Klein explores the fantasy of omnipotence at length in her essay, "The Psychogenesis of Manic-Depressive States.