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Synonyms for omnibus

an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author

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providing for many things at once

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I recommended it to all the other passengers that were travelling with me and explained to them that it is a far more enjoyable way of spending an omnibus ride than coughing up phlegm or throwing fizzy drink cans at the back of my head.
Under the Omnibus Rule, if there is a breach, it is presumed the covered entity or business associate must give notice unless it can demonstrate a low probability that PHI has been compromised or unless a regulatory exception applies.
Check People's Omnibus Kickstarter page and support them: http://www.
No specific procedure is applicable to omnibus bills that would facilitate research on the issue.
The CASS compliant Omnibus Clearing Model is available for clearing members domiciled in the UK.
These additions continue the expansion of our Online CARAVAN omnibus surveys.
The first late-night omnibus last Friday lured 477,000 viewers, compared to 792,000 the previous Sunday.
In the event of a potential support issue, the software alerts OmniBus support staff in the local time zone, who can then make phone contact with the customer.
2: containing or including many items <an omnibus bill>
Although Congress was forced to find $22 billion in cuts to their spending plan, the omnibus bill includes modest increases to federal programs that support local activities.
Reflecting their emphasis on health rather than income as a principal content area, most of the health surveys generally rely on one "omnibus" family income question asking about the total family income with one omnibus survey item in the form of either a continuous income amount or a categorical income amount.
The report did state that China's foreign exchange policy was coming dangerously close to violating the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, but it failed to find any statutes that directly implicated China in intentionally "pegging its currency to the dollar" to hinder trade practices.
Bush on December 8 rolled nine of 13 appropriations bills into one $388 billion omnibus package because Congress refuses to finish its work on time.
Details about the Pell Grant are tucked into Congress' $388 billion omnibus spending bill for 2005, which was passed late last year.
In that response, one reads: 'According to exegetes the Aramaic word, which in Latin is translated "pro multis," means "pro omnibus.
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