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Synonyms for omnibus

an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author

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providing for many things at once

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Provisions Included In The FY17 Omnibus Appropriations Bill
Applications may be submitted for support as Phase I STTR (R41) or Phase I SBIR (R43) grants; Phase II SBIR (R42) or Phase II SBIR (R44) grants; or the SBIR/STTR FAST-TRACK option as described in the SBIR/STTR Omnibus Solicitation.
Dans ce texte, nous examinons les diverses manieres dont nous pourrions limiter les projets de lois omnibus et les defis constitutionnels que ces options presentent.
doctrinal significance to the omnibus nature of the statute.
Pero me encantan los omnibus cuando llegan en qualquier horario despues
I recommended it to all the other passengers that were travelling with me and explained to them that it is a far more enjoyable way of spending an omnibus ride than coughing up phlegm or throwing fizzy drink cans at the back of my head.
Under the Omnibus Rule, if there is a breach, it is presumed the covered entity or business associate must give notice unless it can demonstrate a low probability that PHI has been compromised or unless a regulatory exception applies.
Check People's Omnibus Kickstarter page and support them: http://www.
No specific procedure is applicable to omnibus bills that would facilitate research on the issue.
Par contre, aucune procedure precise permettant de faciliter les recherches n'est applicable aux projets de loi omnibus.
The first late-night omnibus last Friday lured 477,000 viewers, compared to 792,000 the previous Sunday.
BBC bosses have dumped the EastEnders' Sunday omnibus.
ANGEL OMNIBUS gathers all of Dark Horse Comic's ANGEL comics to date under one volume and features the entire miniseries under one cover.
OmniBus Systems has launched Sentinel, a proactive remote monitoring service for customers of the iTX automation and transmission platform.
Omnibus may sound like the newest commuting solution or a safe way for children to get to school.
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