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any of the numerous small cone-shaped eyes that make up the compound eyes of some arthropods

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Here, the spaces between these artificial ommatidia can stretch to allow transformation in geometry from planar to hemispherical.
Lesions in the ommatidia of the eye were present in animals from both Rhode Island and Maine (Fig.
Eyes (in frontal view) conspicuous, oval-shaped; in lateral view eyes covering one third of head; 12 ommatidia across at widest portion of the eye (worker [N = 3] with only nine ommatidia at widest portion of the eye).
318), it has been obvious for many years that such structures need not be exceptionally small and need not be extremely like ommatidia to behave like ommatidia.
This study aimed to acquire additional relevant knowledge by morphometric investigations of differences between males and females and between the 3 species of various morphological features, including eye size, facet size, and numbers of ommatidia and ommatrichia.
1); eyes bare, holoptic, contiguous at median part of upper frons (Figs 2, 3), ommatidia largest anterodorsally, but no distinct demarcation between upper and lower ommatidia; ocellar tubercle slightly prominent; lower frons triangular, with very fine median groove; face with margins continuous with those of lower frons, diverging ventrally, receding; gena narrowly visible in lateral view (Fig.
Three individuals exhibited necrotizing hepatopancreatitis (44, 48, and 67; numbers reflect specimen numbers as shown in Table 1), 3 had extensive (affecting [greater than or equal to] 66% of the surface) lesions of the ommatidia (7, 14, 21), and 7 had moderate to extensive granulomas (18, 19, 20, 42, 45, 58, 67; animal 67 also had necrotizing hepatopancreatitis, as noted earlier).
He and his Berkeley colleagues Ki-Hun Jeong and Jaeyoun Kim created an artificial, dome-shaped eye with faux ommatidia.
After expelling the meconium, it molts to the pupal stage which turns yellow, with red ommatidia and ocelli (Chien et al.