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a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera

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The extrauterine implantation can occur in the omentum, the large vessels or even in the vital organs.
The Alzheimer's experiment was done by stretching a piece of omentum, with its blood flow intact, up through the body and laying it over the brain like a throw rug.
Most animals developed adhesions between the omentum and abdominal wall and adhesion grades were no statistical significant difference between the treatment groups.
Theywereunlucky againstGermanyintheirfirst gameandcouldgetanothergo attheminthefinal DanChilds RPSPORT football tipster Portugal gotofftoaslow startinthetournamentbut theyaregathering m omentum andcouldgoalltheway Kevin Pullein RPSPORT'S soccer boffin Pre-tournament I wondered whether Portugal weretoo bigat20-1,andIstillthink they might have been, butany valuehasnowgone Whichofthe fancied sidesareyoumost happy tot akeon?
The flab in question is a sheet-like tissue called the omentum that lines the abdominal cavity.
Morrison described omentum as "Policeman of the abdomen".
the pitch side read 'Happy 40th Lorraine', but the t get going until nally built some omentum near the ighton Baines sent a ss over next for ape his marker and aight at Mark a Schwarzer.
There were also several small abscesses in the omentum, paracolic gutter and mesentery of the ascending colon (Fig.
Fourteen of 183 metastatic tumors expressed PAX-2, all of which were in lymph nodes (4 of 84 cases) or omentum (10 of 21 cases).
Sealing ventriculotomy incisions with sutures can be difficult because the muscular wall may not hold sutures well, and muscular contraction of the ventriculus can lead to dehiscence, in addition, birds do not have an omentum that can adhere to damaged serosal surfaces and prevent small leaks.
Laparotomy identified a large group of ulcerating nodes, to which the omentum had attached and consequently caused the obstruction.
Yaralanmis omurilikte rejenerasyonu uyarmak amaciyla skarin kucultulmesi, X-isinlama, elektriksel uyari, norotrofik faktorler, greftlemeler, omentum transplantasyonu, norit buyume inhibitorlerinin notralizasyonu gibi yaklasimlar denenmistir.
It's good and you've got to keep them omentum up," said Holland.