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a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera

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However, there are some controversies regarding the approach open or laparoscopic with or without TA-TME, one two or three stage procedure, removal of the omentum, TME or close dissection besides construction type i.
Pathologic findings: Main histopathologic finding in HD of the peritoneum, omentum, and mesentery is a cyst.
Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis showed findings of right adnexal mass involving gut omentum, fallopian tubes and right ovary.
It revealed the presence of omentum and a bowel loop in the inguinoscrotal region (Figure 1a).
Thoracic and abdominal MSCT showed Morgagni hernia with right chest 'tumor' consisting of transverse colon, omentum and a greater part of the stomach (Fig.
During the operation, we found severe adhesions of the intestinal tract and omentum to the mesh used during the previous incisional hernia repair (Fig.
First the fundus of gall bladder was identified and adherent omentum if any was detached.
Karaciger tutulumu saptanan 173 hastanin %80,6'sina (n=139), akciger tutulumu saptanan 94 hastanin %82,9'una (n=78), dalakta tutulum saptanan 9 hastanin %77,7' sine (n=7), mesenterde kist saptanan 7 hastanin %85,1'ine (n=6); beyin, kemik, kas, omentum, mesane ve surrenalde kist saptananlarin ise tumune cerrahi uygulandigi tespit edildi.
During surgery we found small intestine and omentum as contents of the sac with adhesions between the loops and between the loops and omentum and both of these contents were also adherent to the sac.
10,13 Common sites of intraperitoneal seeding include the omentum, paracolic gutters, mesentery, liver capsule, pelvis and diaphragm.
After achieving hemostasis, we thoroughly checked omentum, intestine, and genital organs (uterus, bilateral ovaries, and both fallopian tubes), and all of them were intact without damage or active bleeding.
Variables included age; date of surgery for primary tumor removal; pathologic stage; depth of myometrial invasion; cervical invasion; lymphovascular invasion; involvement of fallopian tube, ovary, omentum, and lymph node; date of last follow-up; and adjuvant therapy.
The device leverages the clinically observable, positive impact that omentum stimulation has on cognitive function as related to dementias, and in particular, Alzheimer's disease.
Angiofibrolipomas have most often been reported in non-cutaneous locations, including the intranasal cavity (1), larynx (2), spermatic cord (3), greater omentum (6), pericardium (7), tonsils (8), and kidney (9).
Thoracoscopic exploration confirmed the TDR contained only omentum, which was edematous and viable but could not be completely reduced from the thoracic approach.