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The HP Omen is powered by the impressive Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M GPU with 4GB of VRAM.
The Omen appears to have built up a strong bond with inexperienced rider Alan Johns and the combination are a good bet to strike gold again.
Al-Sisi's election isn't a good omen for a free press.
If Ed Balls wonders why MPs failed to support his party leadership bid, it was because they thought he was too close to the star of The Omen.
Weather omens of Enuma Anu Enlil; thunderstorms, wind and rain (tablets 44-49).
Powered by the UF Ultra Fast Hybrid Cam, PSE's Omen Pro produces advertised ISO speeds reaching 366 fps.
If he wore this trench coat in several key scenes in Omen II it could prove to be very desirable item for a dedicated fan.
I hope playing Cas is an omen, because we'd love to go back to Wembley again," said Brown, left.
Graham Smith National omen A winner for Dessie Hughes at Fairyhouse, I see.
And Taylor believes the mistake which led to Stiliyan Petrov heading in Stewart Downing's corner could be a good omen for his former club.
Lucknow, July 19 (ANI): The ensuing solar eclipse is a bad omen for others if one goes by certain orthodox elders in many parts of North India.
If I did believe in omens it would be a better omen if we went on to lift the cup this time," he said.
And Italian Pelizzoli (below) has another motive for wanting a UEFA Cup win at Pittodrie - to give his countrymen a good omen for their visit to Hampden on November 17.
Section 3 comprises an extended but general account of attitudes, past as well as present, toward the omen creatures and other signs, and how in principle the system worked in the guidance of human decision-making in the past, but for all intents and purposes does not work today.
For someone concerned with astronomical dating, tantalizing questions are whether the omen refers to a solar eclipse, and if so, whether the eclipse was total.