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a government appointee who investigates complaints by private persons against the government

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However, the models share a general definition of proper subjects for investigation by an ombudsman that include "allegations of unfairness, maladministration, abuse of power, abuse of discretion, discourteous behavior or incivility, inappropriate application of law or policy, inefficiency, decision unsupported by fact, and illegal or inappropriate behavior.
He said, another success of the department was that Federal Ombudsman Suleman Farooqi had been elected as President of Asian Ombudsman Association for four years, says a press release issued by Press Information Department.
report was handed over by Ombudsman Fatma Ezzahra Ben Mahmoud who said the meeting focused on reactivating the unit tasked with monitoring decision implementation at the Prime Ministry.
The conference organized by the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat is aimed at sharing the experiences of fellow Ombudsmen to enhance working of regional ombudsmen offices.
The statement was made by the Ombudsman on June 11 during an interview for the NTS TV channel.
AN ombudsman is an organisation there to independently assess and resolve issues between consumers and their services, generally appointed by the Government or the industry.
There was a directive to all universities to appoint an ombudsman to address grievances.
The MoU was signed between Head of Iran's General Inspectorate Organization Nasser Seraj and Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman Jorgen Steen Sorensen in Copenhagen on Saturday.
But the true scale of higher as a poll by the ombudsman found one in six people have had a But the true scale of banks' failing is much higher as a poll by the ombudsman found one in six people have had a problem with their provider but didn't know the service existed.
He said IOI granted the Office of the Ombudsman the membership after it had reviewed its work last September and got assured that it met international standards regarding independence in assuming its duties, reinforced by Royal Decree 35 for 2013.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- On the 300th anniversary of Sweden's adoption of an ombudsman system, the Swedish Embassy in Ankara hosted a brunch for guests from Turkey's ombudsman's office.
Manama: Bahrain's ombudsman on Thursday said that it was monitoring the case of a Bahraini national who was allegedly beaten up inside a detention centre.
The Financial Ombudsman Service plan to ramp up their army of case workers by 66 per cent to 2500 in the next financial year.
IFA's Director, State Government Relations, Public Policy and Tax Counsel Dean Heyl sat down recently with Sue Vandittelli, IFA's independent franchise ombudsman, to provide Franchising World readers an update on the program and the value it provides the franchise community.
We are all aware that the Financial Ombudsman is supposed to be an impartial service for both consumers and the Financial Services industry but is this really the case or has the current economic climate started to affect its judgement?