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European aquatic salamander with permanent external gills that lives in caves

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The road to this off-Broadway run began in 1999 when Olm, who has written two other original musicals, "Mulberry" and "Obits," discovered the Gnostic gospels--and his calling.
Olm buries the two horrified children in holes up to their waists with their hands shackled behind them.
If M were to receive all of the stock in OLM, however, his cushion would be only $50,000, because M has no PTI account.
The decline of economies of scale in production in many engineering activities therefore could favour OLM structures (Sengenberger et al.
Another of Attenborough's subjects is the olm, a salamander that can live to 100.
Also called olm and Proteus, the salamander, which can live to over 100, is endangered, but reaches such advanced ages in zoos and protected environments.
Throw everything into the mix and you have the year's best blockbuster so far, a Olm that references the character's previous screen incarnations (look out for the Lou Ferrigno cameo), respects the comic book history and, with Robert Downey Jr's cameo as Iron Man's Tony Stark, also serves as the Orst superhero crossover movie.
JEREMY Cooper is the latest ordinand from the diocese to become a deacon, having trained on the Newcastle Diocesan OLM Training Scheme for the last two years.
Nick DePaula, Andrew Fuller, Jeff Higgins, Blake Kingeter, Ross Lincoln, Paul Seth Lindstrom, Jimmy Sullivan and Justin Szela, all of Woodstock; Zak Kozey and Mike Olm, both of Eastford; Andrew Rice of Thompson; Bobby Reynolds of Northboro; and David Julian of Sterling, Mass.
Rounding out the supporting roles are Charlie Ian ("Whiplash"), Dabier Snell (Disney's Movie Surfers), Masha Mendietta, Ann Tomberlin, Getty Olm, Tom Ohmer ("The Dark Knight Rises") Toni Taubman, Malcolm Matthews, Carrie Aquino, Ricardo Navas, Milton Snell, Stasha Surdyke, John Michael Herndon ("Criminal Minds") and Rich Redmond, the high-energy drummer behind the multi-platinum sensation Jason Aldean.
Ventyx OLM is the first complete solution for outage lifecycle management to help utilities more effectively manage the end-to-end process for minimizing the impact of major storm outages.
Un voyage qui debute en apotheose ce 24 Mai avec la star des charts mondiaux Rihanna sur la scene OLM Souissi.
Olm Toibin, Raphael Selbourne, Graham Farmelo, Patrick Ness and Christopher Rei have all been nominated for which literary award?
David Wood, OLM Bedlington is to be House for Duty Priest at St.
In the OLM 266 patients had post baseline data (70 rifaximin and 82 placebo patients from the RCT and 114 new patients.