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European aquatic salamander with permanent external gills that lives in caves

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OLM Group said IMD's portfolio allows it to broaden its offerings to customers and improve its technology capabilities across its markets.
The OLM 8000 adds a management layer to DWDM passives and provides effective demarcation at all-optical wavelength handoff locations.
Fugro Project Manager Waheed Siddiq, who leads the OLM activities on NSP, said, Its a privilege to provide our asset integrity solutions to the structural team at CNRI.
Watching the DME count down to OLM is helpful, too.
If users want to access Outlook for Mac database in Windows Outlook then they should have to convert OLM file to Windows PST.
Europe's spookily pale and blind cave salamanders, called olms, include a dark form with what look like functional eyes, Susan Milius reported in "What's odd about a dark, big-eyed salamander" (SN: 4/30/16, p.
The olm (aka Proteus anguinus) is the world's largest cave-dwelling animal, and Europe's only cave adapted vertebrate.
the OLM Altar Society and the Gustine Historical Society.
Prior to that he co-founded and spent three years as a portfolio manager/principal at Olm Capital Management and served as an equity analyst covering consumer and speciality finance at Jefferies & Co.
One of the most enchanting aspects of the caves is a cute little creature called an olm - the "human fish".
e rm's new clients include commercial property development company Argon Properties, food and drink testing rm Geneius Labs, estate agency Signature, diagnostics business development company OLM and asbestos and environmental testing consultancy Franks Portlock.
Cet acteur, compositeur et chanteur d'origine portoricaine a enflamme la scene de OLM Souissi.
Marcus Olm, his former coach at Hannover 96 said Karan was deeply religious and used to pray five-times a day in accordance to the teachings of Islam.
Born Peter Olm, he joined Wolverhampton Repertory Theatre after leaving school and later served in Normandy, Belgium and the Far East during the war before taking up acting in 1954.