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Spanish version of burgoo

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Olla Podrida was projected and edited by a demy (5) named Thomas Monro at Magdalen College, with the assistance of many of his friends, including Bishop Horne, then the president of Magdalen.
The Loiterer, unlike the Microcosm and Olla Podrida before it, was from the very beginning decidedly more ambitious.
1); the editor of Olla Podrida tells the reader that he is not going to conduct "dismal inquiries into the nature of truth and falsehood, to the apothegms of moralists, the discoveries of philosophers, or the disquisitions of the learned" (no.
Olla Podrida, ceasing publication in early 1788, had seen a second London edition in two volumes by the end of the same year.
An essay in Olla Podrida observes how "[t]he French imagine that England produces as much gold as the coast of Africa" and therefore try to cheat the visiting "monsieur John Bull" out of his money by inflating his bills (no.
15 of Olla Podrida derides "that great love of refinement and sentimentality which is daily gaining ground among the lower orders of our fellow-countrymen.
Felipe would recall the dishes served at home on particular days: the shredded leftovers from Thursday's olla podrida transformed into Friday's ropa vieja.
For one-of-a-kind, handmade items, you'll want to browse the rough-hewn nooks and crannies of Olla Podrida, where local artists create and sell truly unique clothing, jewelry and collectibles.