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leaf or strip from a leaf of the talipot palm used in India for writing paper

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Mary Kathryn Dunston is an avid gardener who teaches about Clay Pot Irrigation for Dripping Springs Ollas.
For more information on the INDIEGOGO campaign or OLLA Kidsfurniture please contact the OLLA Team via email: indiegogo@olla-kidsfurniture.
Olla v-nigrum females were on average more robust than males and this feature could be used to sex individuals, but more robust males are not uncommon.
In 1995, a study was designed to expand upon previous bluefish research (Olla and Studholme, 1971, 1972; Olla et al.
Olla Podrida was projected and edited by a demy (5) named Thomas Monro at Magdalen College, with the assistance of many of his friends, including Bishop Horne, then the president of Magdalen.
com), and a massive mall offers premium shopping and chic boutiques such as Shakur Olla (www.
Authors: Mike Olla and Steven Daigle; molla@criterialabs.
OLLA has 24 consortium partners from eight European countries, including ten industrial partners as well as seven universities and research institutes and its main aim is to develop a white light OLED tile of 15-by-15 centimeters by 2008.
Other analogies are made with the Spanish jars, olla maja, decorated to celebrate weddings, that were made by turning a jar upside down, rendering it unusable, something Picasso would often do in his own work.
In addition to his brother Charles, Hagedorn is survived by his wife, Barbara; brother, Horace of Sands Point, NY; a son, Alfred, of Manhattan; a daughter, Lynn Olla, of Altamonte Springs, Fla.
But the late Allen Walker Read proved that OK did not derive from okeh, an affirmative reply in Choctaw; nor from the name of chief Old Keokuk; nor from a fellow named Orrin Kendall, who manufactured a tasty brand of army biscuit for Union soldiers in the Civil War; nor from the Haitian port Aux Cayes, which produced superior rum; nor from open key, a telegraph term; nor from the Greek olla kalla, 'all good.
I chose chef Pilar Cabrera's La Casa de los Sabores, a school located at Las Bugambilias 2, the bed-and-breakfast she owns a few blocks from her restaurant, La Olla.
Hein Meyer was in charge of the Hartlepool Rovers v Durham City clash while Piet van Wyk refereed West Hartlepool Amateurs v South Tyneside College at Brinkburn and at Barnard Castle v Yarm, Olla Olsen officiated.
In his book Made In America, Bill Bryson lists nine possible derivations including, Only Kissing and Olla Kalla - Greek for `all good'.