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Synonyms for olive-green

a color that is lighter and greener than olive

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Don't let the olive-green color of the Orchard Veggie Blend throw you off; it tastes only of fruit--apple, kiwi, and pear--but contains spinach and carrot juice, sweet potato, and spirulina.
Last month the Australian Parliament's House of Representatives passed laws dictating that all cigarette packets must be uniform olive-green with the name of the brand in small type.
Dressed in olive-green fatigues without military insignias, he immediately took the podium and delivered a fiery 11-minute speech on his fears of an impending global nuclear war.
French designer Christophe Decarnin has created the expensive olive-green number from haute couture brand Balmain.
Gerard's olive-green tank top ($450) and white pants ($475) by Dolce 5, Gabbana, and "God is endless" on crocodile with diamond pave cuff by Luis Morais ($5,125).
The olive-green glass bottle is slightly smaller than the usual 75cl size and the whisky inside is pale gold.
The bottle is an unusual size, slightly smaller than the familiar 75cl, and made from olive-green glass.
In her smart olive-green suit with a chic black silk cummerbund, the Celebrity Mum Of The Year proved that new mothers could still be stylish.
They're olive-green with dark spots and a yellow collar.