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Synonyms for olive-colored

having the color of green olives

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The company is unveiling the Toscana Collection, drinkware characterized by olive-colored stripes that radiate up the sides of the glass.
And if you passed by the Nobakht (New Fortune) Elementary School near the Vali'ahd (Crown Prince) Circle sometime in the late 1960s, you might have found me, a little Jewish kid with huge brown eyes, thick black eyebrows, olive-colored skin, and a prominent nose, standing in military formation along with dozens of other little boys and girls, singing with fervor, no doubt a bit off-key, a beautiful nationalist song:
To appear less intimidating, deputies wear casual, olive-colored shirts and slacks instead of uniforms.
The People's Armed Police, which makes regular patrols of the campus in olive-colored vans, has been notable only in its absence from the areas near the protesters, but plainclothes police officers, easily discernible from the students, are there.
For European ash, the darker or olive-colored wood varies from tree to tree," Matulevich said.
The new SealSkinz products include blue- and olive-colored gloves in addition to the current standard black gloves.
Overhead, three olive-colored parachutes rippled from drafts caused by ceiling fans.
New soft goods include a rich, olive-colored sofa with decorative pillows, chairs reupholstered in gold chenille, and a bed runner with a design inspired by nature.
And yet, when Mark O'Meara fingered through the clothes in his closet on Sunday morning and settled on khaki slacks and an olive-colored print shirt, he was making more than a fashion statement.
Police described the man as 25 to 30 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, heavyset, wearing an olive-colored zippered sweatshirt and baseball hat.