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something offered to an adversary in the hope of obtaining peace

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Millstone is privately-held and operates state-of-the-art facilities in Fall River, MA, and Olive Branch, MS.
Water infrastructure required to distribute this increased capacity will include improvements to the Hwy 74 BPS and to the Olive Branch BPS.
suggest that the ancient olive branch found on Santorini, buried in volcanic tephra (Friedrich et al.
S seeing the changed scenario is now extending an olive branch to Modi," said Azad.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Pope Francis called for more dialogue with Islam and offered an olive branch to China and other countries that don't have diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
THE Olive Branch restaurant on Manchester Road, near Marsden opened over 18 years ago.
Kimberly Ann Burns and Steven Kent Strickland were united in marriage on August 27, 2011, at The Fountain South Inn in Olive Branch.
I sampled my second vegetarian dish in 12 years at The Olive Branch Bistro in Broughton Street.
Olive Branch is seeking listings for a new lowacidity extra virgin olive oil sourced from groves in Southern Crete.
In 1947, Ewan MacColl, left-wing playwright, committed Communist, and cofounder (with Joan Littlewood) of the highly influential British company Theatre Workshop, wrote a play entitled Operation Olive Branch, a work that was, by his own admission, "freely adapted from the Lysistrata of Aristophanes.
In an SMS sent to its subscribers, du offered an olive branch to customers who were unhappy with their downed streaming services.
The election special has a selection of toppings including anchovies to mark the fishy behaviour of MPs, spinach for the spin doctors and olives to mark the olive branch of peace in the Middle East.
AaThe idea behind those awards belongs to the Olive Branch group, specialized in breaking stereotypes tied to the Arab World.
He was a member of the Olive Branch Lodge of Masons in Millbury, the American Philatelic Society, the Devoe-Taylor American Legion Post in Millbury and the Allepo Shrine in Willington.
This is the first version, which includes an olive branch motif.