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(economics) a market in which control over the supply of a commodity is in the hands of a small number of producers and each one can influence prices and affect competitors

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price above the competitive level in an oligopolistic market is
To the degree that an industry is oligopolistic, as opposed to monopolistic, however, there may be situations in which the incentives for R&D investments are too high.
Oligopolistic behavioral uncertainty (Greenhut and Lane 1989) evolves from the condition that business decision makers face an increasingly complex market because of the rapid pace of technological innovations, the increased rate at which new products are introduced, intensified competition, market globalization, and more regulations.
I] depends on the number of firms in the integrated regime and on oligopolistic interactions among those firms.
The filing stated: 'This joint venture by the dominant airlines has the potential to harness the vast power of the Internet for anti-competitive purposes, such as neutralizing the emerging market of electronic-distribution services and facilitating oligopolistic pricing.
Critics of privatization say the move toward a free market has resulted in oligopolistic control of the industry.
And they rail against any efforts to block, let alone undo, the mergers and restrictive contracts that are consolidating their oligopolistic control of agricultural product markets -- a concentrated control making a mockery of the notion that agriculture is governed by free markets.
goal of opening the Japanese market remains unfulfilled under a bilateral accord which expired at the end of 1999 and accused three major Japanese glass makers of maintaining a "highly oligopolistic market structure" and tight control in distribution.
In addition, in Washington Streamline should shine under the price umbrella as traditional supermarket price levels are among the highest in the nation, thanks to the powerful labor union presence and the oligopolistic food retailing share pattern.
The last group of essays examines the oligopolistic nature of large businesses, their behaviour, and their response to the recently introduced economic reforms, principal-subcontractor relations, and the interface between industry and CS1R laboratories.
Moshe Kim, Doron Kliger and Bent Vale: "Estimating switching costs and oligopolistic behaviour".
An important part of this story, then, is the story of oligopolistic competition, and how having even one competitor is enough to keep a company on edge.
These oligopolistic concentrations in the health field present serious problems.
The deletion of the HPS requirement will not necessarily help promote sound competition among cement producers because the structure of the cement market is oligopolistic.
O = oligopolistic or monopolistic such that expected long-run equilibrium profits at the margin are significantly positive;