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an aromatic gum resin obtained from various Arabian or East African trees

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Olibanum extract inhibits vascular smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation in response to platelet-derived growth factor.
The scent includes notes of Sicilian mandarin mixed with oil of neroli flower, Indonesian patchouli and white incense olibanum.
Optimization of headspace solid phase microextraction for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis of widely different volatility and polarity terpenoids in olibanum.
Lubba[THORN]an in Arabic, or Olibanum scientifically, frankinA[degrees] cense contains 16 necessary antioxidants which naturally help to reduce the appearance of fine lines in the skin, while keeping it soft and fresh through the day.
This Accord is made up of sea molecules and modern ozone wood molecules adding depth straight into the passionate Base Accord of the finest whitewoods, olibanum, cashmeran and earthy musks.
Beautifully boxed, it contains a clear travel bag; a Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash - 100ml; a Cool Buchu Bodywash - 100ml; a Deep-clean Mineral Ions Facewash - 30ml; Conditioning Olibanum Supershave - 30ml; an Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator - 30ml; one Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver - 7ml, and a Cool Buchu Eau de Toilette - 5ml.