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a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

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174) Section 6 of the statute placed a duty on manufacturers to properly label their packages of oleomargarine in a manner "as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall prescribe" and provided criminal penalties for violation of the duty.
All imported oleomargarine was required to rest in bonded warehouse storage until labeled with the appropriate fixed and cancelled stamps with both an import duty and internal revenue tax paid.
The butter industry's fight against oleomargarine as a "fake" product is also part of this.
Oleomargarine is a butter substitute made from vegetable oils.
upholding tax rate on yellow oleomargarine that was forty times the tax
Selling for somewhere around $150 it was an alternative to the high-priced spread, an oleomargarine to Smith & Wesson's J-frame butter.
Doug Hoylman adds OLEOMARGARINE, and Raymond Love wrote the following essay:</p> <pre> I read with interest Alexian Gregory's Taxicab Words kickshaw about compound words where com and pound and compound are synonymous.
678, 682 (1888) (upholding legislation prohibiting the manufacture of oleomargarine, despite the owner's allegation that the entire value of his property would be lost and he would be deprived of his livelihood).
If you get stuck, substitute Vaseline, Mentholatum, Listerine, and Oleomargarine.
110) The measure in question dealt with subjects ranging from oleomargarine to surface mining and was offered as a single amendment.
It is difficult to conjure up regulations requiring a powerful dairy lobby to color butter a shade of pink so as not to confuse users of oleomargarine, (14) or permitting everyone to prescribe eyeglasses except the well-organized optometrists.
My editorial method, in contrast, tends to capture these smaller legislative moments, including such issues as child vaccination (enacted in the 103d) and repeal of the oleomargarine tax (enacted in the 81st after stalemating in the 80th).
677, 687-88 (1892) (prohibiting the Secretary of the Treasury from making the failure to keep oleomargarine records punishable by law in the absence of a clear legislative command requiring the keeping of such records); see also Mark D.
Why we are turning out oleomargarine now by the thousands of tons.
244) and manufacture oleomargarine that cannot be told from butter.