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an experienced person who has been through many battles

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Their tournament brings together more than 50 Oldtimer hockey teams from across the United States and Canada to Fitchburg.
I had an exciting week selling a few of my oldtimer cars on Ebay--a novel experience which showed the astonishing reach of this global internet auction.
Chris Wall expects his 10-year-old ACE OF HEARTS to run well in the Lincoln, and another oldtimer who could be in the shake up is BLYTHE KNIGHT.
The station wagon, which was sold by a private local collector, was bought by Ian Grange, 66, from Manchester, who runs classic car showroom Oldtimer Manchester.
The interactions between both groups and the construction of meaning concerning "communityness" reveal stages of oldtimer resistance, acceptance or engulf-ment by the post-agrarian transformation.
At age 12, Kris is practically an oldtimer at the Mt.
The Wall Street Journal compared the deal to a wedding of oldtimer and young bride, prompting much backslapping on the groom's side but hushed whispers across the aisle: Yeah, he's loaded[ldots]but she might've done a little better, don't you think?
Shambu, an oldtimer, opens up a flower shop just outside the temple.
The newcomer may think that not making eye contact is polite behavior, while the oldtimer will think that the newcomer is acting guilty or sly.
In his limited free time, he enjoys cross-country skiing, oldtimer hockey, and canoeing.
I made my debut at 18 so I was an oldtimer, but it took three or four years before I established myself.
Our eyes just about pop out of our heads when a 1953 Jaguar MK7 glides up to the front of the pink castle Oldtimer VIP is a city tour-guide company started by husband and wife Dr Eckard Gnnewig and Monika Gnnewig, through their love of old British cars.
Falkirk bagged their first point of the season against the Dons and O'Brien reckons the club's talented kids will soon haul themselves off the bottom - even if they make him feel like an oldtimer at just 28.
Discover the Dalmatian Islands on a relaxing cruise aboard a traditional Oldtimer motor cruiser with Explore next month.
John Dunlop's reliable oldtimer is returning to a familiar stamping ground in an attempt to land back-to-back victories in the Group Two contest.