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Synonyms for oldline

adhering to conservative or reactionary principles


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Although these do indicate some deep-seated desire to become personally involved in providing certain necessities, many oldline homesteaders dismiss them as yuppie toys.
As a result, new stores geared to this consumer have opened in the area, while oldline men's stores like Tripler and Wallach's, for example, have gone out to pasture.
In theory, these ordinances should have immunized Winnipeg against the cut-rate cab, but "little attention" was paid to them, as the street railway remarked, and by 1929-1930 fare-cutting had become so threatening to oldline operators like Black and White Taxi-cab and Diamond Taxi that they petitioned the provincial legislature and the Winnipeg city council for protection.
In the Beijing negotiations, these oldline feminist attacks on the family were combined with efforts to promote a notion of more recent vintage: the idea that the family - and sexual identity - are just arbitrary categories, socially constructed, and infinitely malleable.
Some of the oldline liberal writers who joined Podhoretz were Irving Kristol, Ben Wattenburg, Penn Kemble, Midge Decter, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Theodore Draper, Walter Goodman, Seymour Martin Lipset, Walter Laqueur, Robert W.
Or they operate with an oldline managerial model that once the boss has spoken and the program is implemented there is no reason to check it out.
This was done with a single loop, which may advance a newline variable, or may advance an oldline variable, or may advance both.
The GOP and Democratic primary fights have become so hot that two of the three oldline TV networks, ABC and CBS, suddenly decided to do wall-to-wall primetime coverage tonight -- and NBC was always on board with that via MSNBC.
While online advertising may someday rival or even supplant the oldline kind-virtually every news organization in America is investing in the Internet on that economic premise-how it will get to that point seems less clear.
Another game, with higher stakes, was on: America Online had just agreed to buy Warner parent Time Warner in a landmark multi-billion-dollar marriage of a dot-com to an oldline media conglomerate.
To be blunt about it, oldline Protestantism in general and the United Methodist Church of which I am a pastor in particular are, on life and abortion, solidly pro-choice.
My ongoing love affair with the real estate business prompted me to join this oldline but dynamic firm," said Barkan.
More importantly, the products are breaking away from their oldline, conservative distribution channels, including durable goods and medical equipment suppliers.
But if everyone's going online, who's left in the oldline world?
We'd lost a lot of of rare breeds, some very oldlines,and it was just distressing to think about starting over again.