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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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In fact take-up of the old-age pension peaked at almost 80 per cent of the age group in 1979.
In order to answer the research questions, the methodology of this study analyzes the scope of the changes that occurred and reveals the factors determining the old-age pension system's development.
Indeed, the maximum real value of the old-age pension (paid to men and women from the ages of 60 and 65 respectively, subject to a means test), disability and care dependency grants (paid to the disabled and caregivers to disabled children), and the foster care grant (paid to court-recognised foster parents) declined until mid-2003, and then rose to approximately the real value in 1994.
Most new retirees currently do not retire on an old-age pension
Among other things, they find that an increase in a longevity-contingent old-age pension will induce individuals to live longer.
And, since it allows individuals to accrue old-age pension rights while receiving AFP benefits, it reduces the tax base while keeping old-age pension outlays unchanged.
Back in 1997, a central element in our Government Programme was the promise to bring the old-age pension up to pounds 100 over the lifetime of this administration.
The demographic reality is that there will be only about two workers to support each old-age pension recipient by the year 2020, vs.
The fundamental choice of relying upon publicly-provided universal social insurance rather than supplementing basic public provisions with occupational insurance arrangements was taken in the second half of the 1950s when it was decided to set up an allembracing earnings-related old-age pension scheme (ATP) as a part of public social insurance.
However, this chapter shows that incentives embedded in public old-age pension systems and other income support systems have encouraged early retirement, and that recent reforms have been insufficient to remove the bias against work at older ages.
FDR's compulsory old-age pension program was nearly stricken from his grander "economic security bill" in the House Ways and Means Committee and again on the House floor, where an amendment to strike the program mustered a third of the votes cast.
This book evaluates a variety of explanations for the introduction of public old-age pension systems in both developed and less-developed countries.
If an individual's income rises above $53,215, his net old-age pension payment is reduced by a special income tax measure.
Statistics showed on Tuesday that during the period the benefits disbursed to 248,740 beneficiaries under old-age pension head and amount was Rs11.
House Bill 6230 seeks to amend Section 10 of Republic Act 6948, as amended, otherwise known as "An Act Standardizing and Upgrading the Benefits of Military Veterans and Their Dependents," as amended, so that a veteran, who is at least 65 years old, shall be paid an old-age pension of P10,000 monthly for life, unless he is actually receiving a similar pension for the same consideration from other government funds.