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Synonyms for presbyopia

a reduced ability to focus on near objects caused by loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens after age 45

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I was patriotic right from the start Loving my country comes from my heart, To honour my country I would fight Anything for freedom and for what's right We have a king or queen on the throne, And princes and princesses of our very own With guards on parade they just stare, To make them laugh is really quite rare Through two world wars we kept our rights We rebuilt our cities and restored old sights I try to obey the laws of the land The bobbies give me a helping hand, No one can compare with the wit and humour That's merry old England, she's my homeland.
New ideas come to you as you view old sights through fresh eyes.
Frequent visitors to the British Isles who are tired of the same old sights might want to try some new sounds -- a travel itinerary keyed to the Commonwealth's rich pop music history offers a fresh alternative to the usual tourist destinations.
Even though the barrel had some pitting and those old sights were made for very young eyes, I found I could keep all shots on the head of a standard silhouette target at 50 yards, all shots in the body at 100 yards, and at 200 yards I could keep an adversary pinned down until someone showed up who could really shoot.
Her story wove threads of old sights and sounds, such as the signaling of school cancellation by illuminating the street lamps.