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necktie indicating the school the wearer attended

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No old school ties or old pals' act, and the Government should oversee all the financial institutions.
Friends, family, and townsfolk have expressed their shock and grief by placing dozens of floral tributes, old school ties, and other mementoes, on railings near the crime scene.
Yet owning one is an instant passport to a cosy world of old school ties and country estates.
The old school ties who still hand pick the "British" sports scene and steer viewers in the direction of "personalities" who, surprise surprise, are regulars in the corporation's programming would have you think the winner is truly the people's choice.
OLD SCHOOL TIES A photograph showing Howardian High School's head boy and girl from the 1972-73 school year.
From this I have derived that they are your average couple who have done well and want to indulge in their pastime/business and are now sick and tired of the draconian attitude of the all-seeing, all-knowing NGRC, who are probably full of old school ties and jobs for the boys (such as Muttley).
Old school ties are great or head to Primark or charity shops for a cheap alternative.
If so, send it in to Old School Ties at the usual address.
But the suits and old school ties who decide where and when you can enjoy the privilege of a great day or night out so graciously handed down by them have put arms and legs on it.
This set includes the original episode and three new mysteries, Whom the Gods Would Destroy, Old School Ties and Expiation.
Next time you weep under a Union Jack, remember it's made out of old school ties.
Send your memories and photos to: Old School Ties, Features Dept.
You may see a few discarded old school ties as well - they're not as valuable as they were.
Even though they were dwarfed by the leaders' big win, four clubs picked 16-1 shot Lady Bear - Old School Ties, AEC Dodger, Christ The King Snooker and Faurecia's Fancy.