old school tie

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necktie indicating the school the wearer attended

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There was something abundantly charming about seeing Frank, in crumpled suit and old school tie, chatting with steel-hard young men about their former lives as soccer hooligans.
Professed political democracy does not automatically do away with patronage, a modern version of the old school tie, or a male elite.
The ability to use contacts, make friends in the office and get yourself noticed by senior managers has long been a mainstay of office politics, but the old school tie network, although not yet dead, is being swept aside by a generation of managers weaned on fierce peer-group competition.
Easy peasy, Mikey, if you're going to spend PS30k plus on each and every pupil - the amount of David Cameron's old school's fees - as well as providing them with an old school tie and a guaranteed job for the boys.
And there was me thinking Eton was all about well-connected parents coughing up PS30,000 a year for an old school tie which would give their kids entry into the highest corridors of power.
Perhaps his loyalties lie in the old school tie and not in the welfare of his flock.
Bankers have no fear of the sack - old school tie, nudge nudge, say no more.
I do wonder, when the first cracks begin to appear, who will be first to scratch his head, twiddle his old school tie and start sobbing uncontrollably.
I am worried there is a hint of old school tie snobbery because she doesn't have a plum in her mouth.
I KNOW Lord Oaksey is a throw back to the old school tie brigade but I still raised a glass to him on his 80th birthday.
And in this tough economic environment, with fewer and fewer job opportunities, the old school tie will still rule.
The important jobs still belong to the old school tie brigade - despite the Government telling us educational standards have never been so high.
In those days a chap's credit was determined by which old school tie he wore.
Spokesman John Hipkin said: "It's the old school tie thing - a lot of the officers were from good families and ex-Etonians.
Putting your old school tie on is a spiritual experience and it takes you back 10-15 years, the memories come flooding back, it's like a time machine and it's inspirational.