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a class of people favoring traditional ideas

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And the Doctor, than whom no man or boy had a stronger liking for old school customs which were good and sensible, had, as has already been hinted, come into most decided collision with several which were neither the one nor the other.
The notable wife of Kamehameha, the renowned conqueror and king of the Sandwich Islands, used to pride herself in the skill she displayed in dyeing her tappa with contrasting colours disposed in regular figures; and, in the midst of the innovations of the times, was regarded, towards the decline of her life, as a lady of the old school, clinging as she did to the national cloth, in preference to the frippery of the European calicoes.
In his way he was quite as much one of the old school as the Earl of Eastchester, and the idea of a lady - a Wendermott, too - calling herself a journalist and proud of making a few hundreds a year was amazing enough to him.
Captain Joey, the bottle-nosed regular customer in the glazed hat, is a pupil of the much-respected old school, and (having insinuated himself into the chamber, in the execution of the impontant service of carrying the drowned man's neck-kerchief) favours the doctor with a sagacious old-scholastic suggestion that the body should be hung up by the heels, 'sim'lar', says Captain Joey, 'to mutton in a butcher's shop,' and should then, as a particularly choice manoeuvre for promoting easy respiration, be rolled upon casks.
The city of Loviisa will ask for your offer of an electrical work related to the renovation of Koskenkyl Old School and Taitotalo.
I am not capitalising on the new wave of old school music.
If you're unsure of exactly where you stand in the Old School curriculum, the following questions may help clarify things:
It is so different from our old school but we love it and it feels like we have been here forever.
But just before the end of term, they returned to Poplar Grove to see their old school disappearing before their eyes.
Back in the early 1980s, Mr Stewart attended the old school when it housed Llansamlet Junior Comprehensive and provided education for 11 to 14-year-olds before they went on to Morriston Comprehensive.
CLASS ACT Travis frontman Fran sings at his old school
The Old School, Marley Hill, Newcastle is for sale at a freehold price of PS399,950 through Rook Matthews Sayer Commercial , tel: 0191 212 0000.
We are happy to be able to offer our customers the ability to sell or trade in their iPod devices and like our policy for our video game business, we will pay the best prices for these devices that they will get anywhere," said President and owner of the Old School Game Vault Brandon Hieber.
Owen Brennan: well-regarded trainer of the old school
The Old School House - which started life as a primary school at the turn of the last century - educated local children for 60 years before being converted into a guest house.