old growth

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forest or woodland having a mature or overly mature ecosystem more or less uninfluenced by human activity

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Both would remove the most contentious issues involving forest management in recent decades by prohibiting old growth logging and clear-cutting.
Oregonians do not have to choose between old growth forests and essential county services, as Commissioner Robertson proposes.
And, without old growth forests, more carbon ends up in the atmosphere.
Instead of plodding ahead with an industry-driven plan that relies heavily on clear-cutting and harvesting old growth, Kempthorne should order the BLM to begin crafting a new strategy that emphasizes thinning the crowded stands of younger trees that are abundant in Western Oregon.
Third, the market for the large logs BLM proposes to harvest from old growth is limited.
Brice Creek, east of Cottage Grove, has some beautiful old growth along a fairly level streamside trail.
Dave Walsh of Ancient Forest International, the League's partner in the project, said, "This unique project ensures habitat connectivity for the rare old growth dependent wildlife species that take refuge here.
had rejected the draft and directed the team to rewrite its plan extensively and to de-emphasize the well-documented link between spotted owl survival and old growth forests.
Morrison and Robertson still haven't realized that we will never return to the bad old days of old growth logging because what little old growth forest remains on federal lands is desperately needed to provide clean drinking water, habitat for imperiled fish and wildlife, and quality of life that attracts skilled workers and clean industry to Oregon.
They're arguing that mature and old growth forests are essential filters for the city drinking water.
Around the world, seventy-six countries have already lost all of their old growth forests, and eleven more countries are on the verge of losing their remaining old growth forests forever.
Forest Service celebrates its 100th anniversary, it continues to plod forward with thousands of acres of misguided timber sales in old growth on public lands across the Northwest.
The League exercised its option with Eel River Sawmills to purchase 3,800 acres of forested lands: major stepping stones in a corridor for wildlife between Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the world's largest old growth redwood forest, and BLM's King Range National Conservation Area, the longest unroaded coastal area in the lower 48 states.
DeFazio's plan is to substitute timber volume from thinning young stands (little environmental cost, perhaps a benefit) for timber volume from old growth (huge environmental cost).
has developed an environmentally sound old growth log supply that will bring the Ashland mill to full production within 2 weeks.