old growth

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forest or woodland having a mature or overly mature ecosystem more or less uninfluenced by human activity

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Little did Forsman know that this little creature would be the catalyst that would rein in a timber industry gone berserk, mowing down old growth timber with hand-powered crosscut saws and, later, gas- powered chainsaws.
However, in the latter case, as with many other studies, second growth was not compared directly with old growth at the same time in the same test.
According to the report, two different environmental groups, Sweden's Protect the Forest and Russia's SPOK, conducted field surveys in the area and found that Swedwood was clear-cutting old growth trees in an environmentally sensitive area of northwest Russia on the Finnish border.
People stick to the trails despite the tremendous use," he said, partly because visitors do not recognize the old growth or know its location.
In other parts of the country, less than one percent of Northeast forest is old growth, though mature forests that will become old growth in a few decades are more abundant.
Apparently, products bearing SFI labels originate with destructive forestry practices, including old growth and endangered forest logging, the conversion of natural forests to barren tree plantations and excessive clearcutting.
The article quotes Sharon Galbreath, executive director of the Southwest Forest Alliance, as saying, "Thinning is an excuse for logging old growth in the Southwest, and most of the old growth that's left in the Southwest is on the Kaibab Plateau north of the Grand Canyon.
This September, the timber giant announced that it would no longer log old growth forests in the United States and would take steps to ensure its suppliers protect endangered trees as well.
We are phasing out harvesting of old growth by 2004," Poore says.
Prior to the 1988 fires, according to Times reporter Jim Robbins, "Yellowstone was about 70 percent old growth or mature forest, and the fires burned off about a third of that.
Old growth is found in nearly every state in the nation, ranging in size from several acres to well over 20 square miles.
Maybe, but probably not as much as the fact that there's not much old growth available anymore," the article quotes Moser saying.
But if you can save some imperiled habitat or low-elevation old growth, and you don't have to give up much, it's worth it, given the alternative.
The station's marbled murrelet nesting colony is located in approximately 250 acres (100 ha) of old growth forest on land the Navy purchased in 1950.
When CEO Tom Stephens announced that BC's largest forest company was going to stop clear-cutting old growth forests within five years, Greenpeace forests campaigner Karen Mahon was right by his side, toasting him with a bottle of Dom Perignon.