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tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews

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One of my favorite okra plants is the heirloom "Clemson Spineless," a popular source of food for warm climate gardens and a reliably high yielding plant which grows, but does not become too fibrous.
7) (a) = values for Cr values in parentheses are for Cu Table 9: Effect of poultry manure application of metal uptake by okra plant in CCA contaminated soil.
Little is known about the insect community associated with okra plants grown in Brazil and even less about associations between the herbivores that infest these plants and their parasitoids.
A systemic survey was conducted to assess the reliable estimate of nematodes and their infestation level with okra plants from twelve grower's fields located within three major vegetable production localities of District Layyah.
We can consider that one of the causes of the increase in antioxidant defense system in okra plant is the increase of [H.
The flowering on okra plant started in the last week of the March.
Cotton and okra plants with two to three leaves were used (approximately 20 days after germination) as vegetative stage samples (cv = cotton in vegetative stage; "ov" okra in a vegetative stages) well as hibiscus plants aged around 30 days (hv = hibiscus in vegetative stage).
The reduced competition for light and reduced overlapping from adjacent okra plants within the ridge could have enabled the plants grown at the wider spacing to utilize its energy for maximum branching.
Due to this reason Sabz pari will be selected for IPM regarding attack of fruit borer on okra plants.
Every climate is kind to some vegetables and cruel to others, which is why heat-loving okra plants are irrepressible in Memphis but struggle in Minneapolis.
This had probably resulted in production of assimilates through increased source size capacity and promoted the vegetative growth of the defoliated okra plants.
Following confirmation of the identification, responsible State Agencies were notified and okra plants in the infested field were cut down in an effort to eliminate the infestation.