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similar to the giraffe but smaller with much shorter neck and stripe on the legs

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Okapi Partners LLC is a strategic proxy solicitation and investor response firm providing a range of solicitation and information agent services, as well as related consultation and advice to clients.
The palm tree (palma) is a treasure here; everything is used from the roots to the leaves, and the okapi is a protected animal that you find only in the DR Congo.
Among four varieties, Okapi showed the highest growth rate and Zarfam showed the lowest growth rate at treatment level 8%.
In full irrigation (control) Okapi cultivar produced the highest and Opera cultivar given the least seed yield (Table 2) in the first year.
Under the terms of the collaboration, Okapi Sciences is responsible for finalising clinical development and applying for marketing authorisation in Europe and the US.
Teachers spend 45 minutes describing an okapi when they could spend 45 seconds displaying one with the LCD projector and asking students to describe the features they see on that strange-looking animal
Radio Okapi, a local, UN-backed radio station said those on the boat had estimated that almost 300 people had been on board, as well as several tonnes of cargo.
Part three looks at voices of change in radio and community: Congolese Radio Okapi, 567MW in Cape Town, ANC radio under apartheid, radio and religion, radio in Angola, broadcasting language policy in Uganda, and radio in zones of conflict.
I decided to study those places with the greatest concentrations of elephants: Boumba-Bek National Park in Cameroon, the Dzanga-Sangha Complex in CAR, Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of the Congo and Okapi Faunal Reserve in DRC.
Once, over a quarter of a century ago, I was fortunate enough to see an okapi (Okapia johnstoni), that committee-designed ungulate of equatorial Africa, when I was travelling through what is now the Congo.
Speakers will include Bruce H Goldfarb, president and chief executive officer, Okapi Partners LLC; William O'Neill, partner, Latham & Watkins LLP; and Don Duffy, president, ICR Inc.
Summary: A baby okapi, a member of the giraffe family, has made her first appearance at Antwerp Zoo.
As the meat becomes more scarce, traders are heading to the reserves, particularly the Okapi Reserve, which comprises a large swath of the Ituri Forest, and is home to 20,000 Pygmies and Bantus--the only people allowed to hunt in the reserve.
One place Congo's Okapi Wildlife Reserve - was supposed to be a bulwark against the onslaught, a place where commercial hunting is banned.
The UN-backed Okapi radio station reported that Uvira hospital was short of medicines and that the wounded had been forced to buy supplies themselves from pharmacies in the town.