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a macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof

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Whether he admits it or not, the hunter who goes afield in oilskin is making a fashion statement, just saying no to less-durable nylon materials.
This includes a vintage bag inspired by the Bogie bag, which is available in deep black oilskin, with a slightly more rounded shape than the one customised for Bogart.
3)--the most extensive single commission for architectural sculpture in the 20th century--and the life-sized carvings of oilskin and duffle-coated sailors for the Merchant Marine Memorial at Tower Hill (1952-55; Fig.
Wrap sandbags tightly round my puttees, don short oilskin coat without sleeves and wear cap comforter.
Better put this on now," Number Two advised, handing over an oilskin.
SLAM has released its new Racing Evolution Jacket, an oilskin jacket made from nylon cotoniero.
Here's a relaxed and comfortable place (paper napkins, oilskin tablecloths) to enjoy exemplary fare at bargain prices.
He was selling oilskin jackets, leather Australian hats and painted boomerangs to offer a bit of Antipodean colour.
A shiny, black oilskin skirt hangs almost to the ground, covering the horse's impressive, circular, six-foot-diameter frame.
The waist length Holster Vest features an outer shell of Australian Oilskin with a fully lined interior of Polar Tec 100 fleece.
When everyone was back on the smell returned and the crew realised the source of the smell was a passenger's new oilskin coat.
the fisherman in the yellow oilskin and ginger stubble is open mouthed at the merwomen swimming around his line he warns us the water is deep our tail flukes thwack the surface in derision he wears his foolishness like a film of sweat
Since its foundation by a Norwegian sea captain in 1877, the company has been transformed from a family run business producing hand sewn oilskin jackets into a global supplier of high-tech apparel for outdoor sports, workwear and survival gear.