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Aditya Bhartia, Managing Director at ADVIK Group of Companies, said, "Going forward we expect to expand into the four-wheeler oil pump space.
The company has received the contract to produce electric oil pumps for a new driveline product.
Reportedly, this is the second nominated application for the electric oil pump, with the first being a global OEM of buses and trucks.
Having worked with Seabrook Crisps for around four years, Ax Flow's team of engineers were only too well aware of the consequences of a prolonged shutdown and pulled out all the stops to get the Cornell Hot Oil pump back on line.
The Cornell Hot Oil pump serves two purposes: moving thermal fluid into a heat exchanger on the fryer containing five tons of sunflower oil in which the crisps are cooked; and feeding thermal fluid into heat exchanger on the blancher.
STT Technologies Inc, set up in 1996 in Concord, develops and supplies proprietary oil pumps for North American engine and transmission applications.
The Oil Pump is intended to be easy to operate and allows for direct pumping of oil from a container to machinery or equipment that requires it.
While others focus on improving engine efficiencies and reducing body mass to improve fuel consumption, a German company is obtaining exciting results by concentrating on peripherals such as oil pumps and air conditioners.
A prototype of the Tower Type Oil Pump has been running at the Second Extraction Factory of the Daqing Oilfield for one and a half years.
THOMAS KRUGER DIDN'T INITIALLY think his employer, Entec Beez-Lademann GbR, could use computational fluid dynamics software to simulate the unique motion of the automotive oil pump that it makes.
2) A 3-D computerized working scale model of an oil pump allows the user to view it in working mode for design adjustment in one of the classes offered by College of the Canyons' Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies.
The servo-hydraulic universal testing machine (SHT Series) is driven by a high pressure oil pump and a servo valve.
If you're installing a seal on an oil pump or transmission, you hope that during the process the seal hasn't been crushed, torn, or otherwise damaged," Zimanski says.
Graco's Falcon 3:1 oil pump and 50:1 grease pump are powerful enough to handle most types of oil and grease, claims the manufacturer, and will perform dependably under rough conditions.
Arrow has introduced factory recommended overhaul kits, which now include a new oil pump, water pump and camshaft.