oil pressure

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pressure that keeps oil on the moving parts of an internal-combustion engine

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Normally, oil pressure is higher when you first start your car, because the oil is cold and more viscous.
Assembly and setting of two units of the 7MW oil pressure drive-type floating wind turbines, delivery of the facilities to the testing area, and connection to the undersea cable.
Once you've got the excavator warmed up and operating, check the gauges, especially those for water temperature and engine oil pressure.
Capt Berger and his crew assessed the situation, noting a decrease in MGB oil pressure and an increase in temperature, as they approached the ship.
Select from: water temperature, oil temperature, transmission oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel level or pressure, voltmeter and vacuum/boost gauges.
And the cabin is fitted with a TRD driver''s bucket seat, gear shift knob, ignition button and oil pressure and water temperature gauges.
The two pilots, one named as David Pountain, have been praised for a textbook emergency landing after losing gearbox oil pressure 25 miles off Aberdeen.
They said the investigation will focus on the oil pressure warning light that instigated the water landing.
The 32-hp 1,800-rpm engine is EPA Tier 4i-rated and includes protection for low oil pressure and high temperatures.
Aviation officials said it was a low oil pressure indicator what caused the emergency landing, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported.
On 28 April 2008 the 737 returned to Denver after shutting down an engine due to low oil pressure indications.
Energy values are calculated based on oil pressure and volume on hydraulic machines, and motor speeds and torque on all-electric machines.
Short time later the pilot reported an engine oil pressure problem and requested permission to return.
The AA asked 2,000 drivers to identify symbols such as the handbrake warning light, full beam headlight, engine oil pressure and rear fog light.
complained to his crew that his engine was losing power and his oil pressure was dropping when he pulled out of the race to make repairs.