oil of wintergreen

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One ounce of Ben Gay and 1 teaspoon of oil of wintergreen each contain the equivalent of 21 aspirin, or 7,000 mg of salicylate.
Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey inoculated a group of tobacco plants with tobacco mosaic virus and discovered that the infected plants released an airborne form of oil of wintergreen.
Methyl salicylate in the form of oil of wintergreen is well known as a toxic, often fatal source of salicylate poisoning.
Salicylic acid is a go-to ingredient in skin care, and Aveda derives its flora oil of Wintergreen, rather than conventional synthetic sources.
The salicylate content of 1 ounce of Bengay or 1 teaspoon of oil of wintergreen is equivalent to 21 aspirin tablets (7,000 mg).
Make sure you keep oil of wintergreen out of children's reach.
Oil of wintergreen may seem safe, but it can be lethal if ingested by a child.
You can prepare a poultice of yarrow by mixing ground-up yarrow tips in one-quarter cup hot water with a few teaspoons each of glycerin, boric acid, and oil of wintergreen.