oil heater

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heater that burns oil (as kerosine) for heating or cooking

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The investigation concluded that a crack in the thermal oil heater coil allowed thermal oil to enter the furnace, resulting in the fire, which caused mechanical damage throughout the port boiler room.
Although these units are commonly known as "waste oil heaters," dealers such as David and Nancy Shaw of Nenana Heating Services in Nenana prefer to use the more accurate term "used oil heaters.
Landa, North America's largest manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment, is expanding its product line to include waste oil heaters.
Certain Shenandoah product lines, including incinerators and waste oil heaters, are currently being manufactured in Shenandoah's former Harrisonburg, Virginia, plant, pending complete transition of manufacturing operations to Anderson and Dassel.
Limited Tenders are invited for Electric Oil Heater
Tenders are invited for Oil Filled Radiator Type : Room Heater, Heater Type : Oil Heater, Heat Setting : 3, Power Consumption : Minimum : 900 Watts, Operating : 1600 Watts And Maximum : 2400 Watts, No.
The preliminary investigation indicates there was an electrical failure in an oil heater in the oil mist system used to lubricate the dryer's fan bearings.
Tenders are invited for TTPS - Operation Circle CAD Fuel Oil Pump House Overhauling of furnace oil heater in oil heating station unit IV & V.
Also from Tool Temp is Model TT 360 portable high-temperature oil heater.
Tenders are invited for 1 Providing And Installation Of Oil Heater At The Office Of The Secretary Lss At Parliament House Annexe New Delhi 2 Providing And Installation Of Refrigerator At The Office Of The Secretary Lss At Parliament House Annexe New Delhi
Contract awarded for Supply of technical services for the repair of oil heater & reconditioning of thrust bearing of chiller no.
The range includes water heaters, oil heaters and pressurised water heaters.
Al-Sibty said oil heaters are the safest type of heaters as they are electric and does not burn any oil, although he did add that the electric cables used should not be substandard.