oil geologist

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a specialist in petroleum geology

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And in 1943 the Standard Oil geologist Wallace Pratt calculated that the world would ultimately produce 600 billion barrels of oil.
In 1956, when American oil production was riding high, a leading oil geologist named Dr.
Employed as an oil geologist in Burma in 1923, he went on to be appointed the first professor of geology and geography at the University of Rangoon.
Before I went to work as an oil geologist, searching in ancient buried deltas for the hidden treasures of black gold, in a wonderful and intoxicating profession that engages the imagination as well as one's scientific knowledge and ability, I hunted deer in the Texas hill country, not far at all from Crawford.
Hemi has commissioned an independent oil geologist to do an oil reserve report on the five contiguous leases, total lease acreage of greater than three square miles, owned by Hemi in Woodson County, Kansas.
According, then, to many of the world's most prestigious (independent) oil geologists and institutions, not only is the era of cheap oil now almost certainly at an end, but by the end of this decade--and likely before--the price of a barrel of oil will rise well past $100, and will continue to climb quickly and inexorably thereafter.
But Penfield dropped that bombshell on the wrong audience -- a conference of oil geologists, who cared about as much for impact craters as they did for dermatology.