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a filter that removes impurities from the oil used to lubricate an internal-combustion engine

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Luber-finer TRT oil filters provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer.
In a related development, a spokesman at Honda's Tokyo head office said the CR-Vs appear to have caught fire because new O-ring gaskets were fitted over existing gaskets on the oil filters when the oil was changed, thereby causing oil to leak.
7 Wipe round the oil filter housing and refit the new filter, tighten until it is firmly secured to be hand tight, don't use a filter wrench to fit a filter.
The microGreen oil filter has been overwhelmingly accepted by leading national and local fleets as a way to reduce costs associated with oil changes and protect the environment.
Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for oil weight, don't forget to put a little oil around the oil filter seal and don't over-tighten the oil filter, said NAPA's Mr.
Due to a manufacturing error, the vendor-supplied oil filter may leak, which could cause a fire in the engine, Subaru said.
Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 2 Executive Summary 3 Premium Insights 4 Market Overview 5 Technology Overview 6 Automotive OE Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Market By Filter Type 7 Automotive OE Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Market, By Fuel Type 8 Automotive OE Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Market By Vehicle Type 9 Automotive OE Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Market,By Geography 10 Automotive Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Replacement Market 11 Competitive Landscape 12 Company Profiles
The oil filter recycling industry was still learning to crawl in the Inid-1990s as it struggled to establish a reliable infrastructure.
Strong demand for microGreen oil filter prompts product line extension, enabling more businesses and consumers to save money while greening their vehicles
5 gallon oil bucket with additives that make the two functions of motor gasoline and diesel 20w 50,5 gallon oil bucket for catarina # 90,oil filter lfp805,oil filter md 69782,ph 3614 oil filter etc.
com/research/bpcbhs/oil_filter_and) has announced the addition of the "2013 Report Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Market - Includes Forecast to 2018" report to their offering.
Part NSN Part Number Engine oil filter 4330-01-514-6885 LF9009 Transmission filter kit (annual) 4330-01-425-7701 29545779 Primary air filter element 2940-01-205-6038 P15-8487 Fuel/water separator element 2910-01-555-4839 0399-HH3-001 Fuel filter 2910-01-555-4838 FF5488 Air dryer filter (annual) 4440-01-547-6462 5008414 Windshield wipers (annual) 2540-01-555-4812 0504-RR8-001 Heater fuel filter 4930-01-305-8430 12345932 Part CAGE code Engine oil filter 33457 Transmission filter kit (annual) 73342 Primary air filter element 18265 Fuel/water separator element 36MV0 Fuel filter 1DL99 Air dryer filter (annual) 6853 Windshield wipers (annual) 36MV0 Heater fuel filter 19207
2 million throttle body adapters, 500,000 remote oil coolers and 1 million oil filter adapters.
SOMS Technologies LLC, a provider of engine oil filtration products, today announced that its microGreen[TM] Extended Performance Oil Filter has been selected as a preferred source offering for all New York state agencies and local government vehicles.