oil conservation

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the conservation of petroleum resources

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Federal Oil Conservation Board members also noted the dominant role of natural market forces in correcting shortages through the price mechanism.
They would allow state agencies to show the efforts that they are taking to record and prevent environmental damage--as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (117) and New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission (118) already do on their websites--and it would allow the public to assess progress.
provisions for oil conservation and a broader range of legislated
Doherty and a few other self-described "conservationists" aggressively lobbied the Federal Oil Conservation Board to support limits on the rule of capture.
Instead, the United States has used deregulation to encourage greater development of domestic energy sources and a series of regulations and narrowly applied market-based incentives to encourage energy and oil conservation.
A more general approach involves estimating supply curves of oil conservation using a range of market conditions represented in different models of the world oil market.
And Stihl isn't shy about talking-up its grooved chain drive-links for better oil conservation and distribution.
Despite oil conservation measures adopted since the Arab oil embargoes of the 1970s, petroleum still accounts for more than half of the world's energy and 40 percent of U.
Higginson and Governor Bill Richardson in the announcement were other state officials including Fred Mondragon, Director of Economic Development, and Mark Fesmire, Director of the Oil Conservation Division for the State of New Mexico.
We are from Tollygunje Girls' High School and we have come for oil conservation.
CONTENTS SUMMARY MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS BACKGROUND AND ANALYSIS Energy Efficiency Concept History DOE's Strategic and Performance Goals Energy Efficiency in the 109th Congress Efficiency Standards for Consumer and Commercial Products Efficiency Goals for Federal Buildings Tax Incentives for Efficiency and Conservation Energy Efficiency Tax Revenue Effect Housing, Funding Authorizations, and Other Provisions DOE Budget, FY2006 EPA Budget, FY2006 Energy Security Electricity Demand-Side Management (DSM) and Distributed Power Energy Conservation to Curb Natural Gas Demand Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Oil Conservation Climate Change: Energy Efficiency's Role Electric Industry Restructuring and Conservation LEGISLATION CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, REPORTS, AND DOCUMENTS FOR ADDITIONAL READING
He is the author of Trucking and the Public Interest: The Emergence of Federal Regulation, 1914-1940 (1986) and of a revisionist article on oil conservation efforts in Texas in the 1920s.
Current New Mexico Oil Conservation Division regulations allow for minimum 160-acre horizontal spacing, which appears to be validated by early results from recent 160-acre horizontal wells drilled and completed by EOG Resources Inc.
This is a states-rights bill, it is an oil conservation bill and it is an environmental protection bill,'' Sherman said of the legislation, which he and Issa introduced Tuesday.
In August 2002, the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division approved reduced, 160-acre spacing in selected portions of the Fruitland Coal formation.