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a company that sells oil

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Despite Iran's 100-year oil developing and producing history, during this long period of time, this country doesn't have any capable domestic oil company at the level of international oil companies like TOTLA, STATOIL.
Tatneft, the Tatarstan-based oil company whose ADRs trade on Wall Street, is a virtual fiefdom of the autonomous Tatarstan government.
During a House hearing in June, oil company profits were updated: Texaco profits were up 473 percent; Conoco, 371 percent; BP Amoco, 290 percent; and Chevron, 271 percent.
A lawyer named Pat Holloway who represented a small oil company (which has filed suit against some of the larger companies) blew the whistle on the meeting.
When the government ordered the breakup of the Standard Oil company in 1911, under the Sherman Antitrust Act, La Follette celebrated: "So flagrant has been its violation of the anti-trust law that its eminent lawyers were not able to prove it even `reasonably' innocent.
This major research centre for the Norwegian national oil company humanises a large building programme by integrating the complex with a magnificent landscape.
1991, a gas retailer purchased over time a significant amount of stock in an oil and gas company, and also received an option to purchase crude oil from the oil company.
OAO Gazprom,PetroChina Company Limited,OJSC Rosneft Oil Company,Petroleos Mexicanos,CNOOC Limited,Petroleo Brasileiro S.
Around 41 percent of oil company shares, according to their report, are in the hands of pension holders and retirees.
In 1938, oil was discovered at Dhahran, near the Persian Gulf, and a small oasis became a modern city, complete with the sleek headquarters of the Saudi Aramco national oil company.
Petroecuador, the state-owned oil company, is unable to invest in profitable ventures at the same speed as foreign oil companies due to the fact that the government takes all of its profits.
When the wells run dry, the operating oil company must dismantle the derrick.
On February 27, 1986, the computers linking the nation's banking system glowed as a series of electronic impulses darted back and forth between accounts representing Exxon Corporation, the world's largest oil company, and the U.
com/research/12b195/apex_oil_company) has announced the addition of the "Apex Oil Company, Inc.