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replacing dirty oil with clean

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This discounted oil change is available for all models registered between January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2014 to ensure customers' vehicles continue to perform at the highest standard possible.
Developed to ensure that every vehicle remains in the best possible condition, oil changes are critical to ensuring that vehicles perform at the level our customers have come to expect.
Valvoline Instant Oil Change, a subsidiary of Valvoline Inc.
In its Service Letter 270, Lycoming specifies the extension of routine oil change intervals from every 50 hours to every 100 hours for engines using unleaded fuel, subject to further details and procedures that are outlined in the notice.
Have a go-to oil change center like Shell Helix Oil Change+ (SHOC+), where you can just sit back and relax at the air-conditioned lounge with free WiFi while expert mechanics work on your vehicle.
Founded in 1984, Take 5 Oil Change operates 65 quick oil change facilities across nine states throughout the Southeast.
This new partnership not only increases earning opportunities for our collectors related to their oil change services, but also speaks to the value of the program as it pertains to the customer insights gained through our Sponsor partnerships.
So instead of doing an oil change every 3,750 miles, you can do it every 7,500 miles, for instance.
Locally owned and operated since 1997, Lake Mary Car Wash saw exponential growth with the opening of its two sister stores Top Dog Express Car Wash & Oil Change in Sanford and Melbourne in 2008 and 2009.
It turns out that many DIYers and even some oil change shops are using the wrong oil, and drivers are simply going too long between oil changes.
In addition, oil change intervals depend on your driving conditions, said Adel.
Foreman, who lettered from 1984-86 and gained more than 1,600 yards as a fullback, opened A&M Mobile Oil Change two years ago, providing on-site vehicle oil changes for customers who are at work.
Change this NOTE to read, "Follow hardtime oil change interval (semiannually or every 1,500 miles, whichever comes first) for first two oil changes.
He said they gave a complementary oil change to people with the plan until something could be settled.
The company anticipates the unit will reduce waste oil and save time and money by extending oil change intervals.