oil beetle

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any of various beetles that exude an oily substance from the leg joints that deters enemies

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Now Buglife and the National Trust are launching a survey with government conservation agency Natural England and Oxford University Museum of History to help establish the whereabouts of the four remaining species of oil beetle.
The blister beetle, Lytta vesicatoria, sometimes called the Spanish fly or the oil beetle, is a winged, bright green insect common to the USA, Canada, Europe, and southern Russia.
The unexpected resurgence of the short necked oil beetle (which, incidentally, oozes toxic secretions to ward off predators, which might explain its evasiveness) isn't the first time a member of planet beetle has re-emerged from presumed extinction to bring us joy.
The National Trust said the short-necked oil beetle, known as Meloe brevicollis, was found by entomologist Bob Beckford on trust land in south Devon.
In the mylabrine oil beetles of the family Meloidae, there has long been confusion at the generic level surrounding many species found in Arabia.
Forty short-necked oil beetles were discovered more than 200 miles from the spot they were last sighted at nearly 60 years ago.