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Abel, fascinated with Alpha, which he perceives as the exact opposite and yet perfect complement to his ogreish obsession with digestion and excretion, will search throughout the novel for the qualities he believes it to embody.
The benevolent Shamalans have been betrayed and nearly wiped out, and Princess Sarintha has been captured by the brutal warlord of the ogreish Serpans.
The fact that the three represent different national airlines - American, Italian and German - gives free reign for national stereotyping, which is actually quite disconcerting in the case of the ogreish Lufthansa stewardess, Gretchen.
It's as if Rumplestiltskin had been bested by the Queen who secretly learned his true name, such was AD's ugly ogreish passion in his attacks on Fisk, Jimmy Carter and others".
Even Oscar winner Fonda's seeming zeal for the title role - an ogreish potential mother-in-law to Jennifer Lopez's innocent Charlie - adds few laughs to this romantic comedy.
At bottom was the Fairchild family, headed by George (Geoffrey Hinsliff), whose missus Agnes (Barbara Ewing) is the target for Bradley's lechery, mainly because Bradley's own wife, the gin-sodden Lady Patience (Caroline Blakiston), has confined herself to a wheelchair rather than share the marital couch with her ogreish mate.
Smith ably manages to offset Jim's ogreish behavior with a hapless pathos--as does McKinney, in a more caricatured role.
The inchoate figures of the late Rape of Lucretia (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), with its lumbering ogreish Tarquin and its Lucretia like a blonde bear, explain why Philip H started to refuse Titian's 'poesies' on the grounds that Titian was so old that his eyesight had failed.
Like the lurid stories in the boys' comics he sold in the shop: grim-jawed fighter-pilots and ogreish Germans.