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a viewer who gives a flirtatious or lewd look at another person

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A fellow ogler at the capital's College of Fashion said: 'The body language said it all - she was delighted to be there.
Thierry Ogler in Sao Paulo examined the oil and construction industries.
Latin Trade turned to Thierry Ogler, a veteran correspondent in Sao Paulo, to assess the Lula effect.
On the way, of course, he gets himself disgracefully inebriated - at which point he reveals that, as well as being an ogler, he is also a bit of a yob.
Do you honestly think David Cameron, a man loaded enough to be able to travel club class every time he flies, would choose to sit in a cramped seat where he's on full view, shoving paprika Pringles down his neck, and prone to the odd habits of nosey oglers with cameras?
She raised her eyes and saw among the oglers Stephanus Cronje in his khaki suit and brown sandals.
But there will always be ghoulish oglers out there willing to hand him a buck so they can enjoy front seats at the great Charlie BBQ.
Take for example a recent article from Emirates 24|7 which reports that 'strange' men (we are going to give them the benefit of doubt and assume they meant strangers rather than strange, because if not there is a whole new argument to be made) hanging around gated communities like The Springs are making caretakers and families feel both uneasy and afraid ("Parents in The Springs complain of oglers and strange men", is the particular headline of this article).
Loved the response in yesterday's letters page about the story that women are worse oglers than men.
Come the perennial Page 3 debate, and it's me who's arguing that it's the male oglers who are being exploited rather than the glamour models.