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front consisting of the conical head of a missile or rocket that protects the payload from heat during its passage through the atmosphere


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These measures include; the percentage of employment in durable goods production, the national average, the ogive and entropy measures of diversity and the portfolio theoretic approach.
In the normal ogive model the link function between given ability level p and the probability is standard normal probability distribution function (Uebersax 1999):
It is proposed here that an ogive diagram forms the basis for a statistically informative legend.
Labour member Nigel Brindley cornered Conservative Mary Oates, 65, and also threatened to Omake her illO and Ogive her a hard timeO.
Conversely, it may not be correct to assume that an ogive point and a broadhead will exhibit different points of impact just because they have different arrival speeds.
Ultimately from the Arabic al-gubb, or well, an ogive is a pointed, or Gothic, arch.
OGive it a good test drive and take a friend with you to give you a second opinion.
The dance takes its cue from architecture, an ogive being a rib across a Gothic vault.
All that remains of the once stately home is, on the south side, "a stable built on the lines of a miniature Parthenon, housing for Houyhnhnms rather than natural horses" replete with "pillared portico," and, on the north, "an ivy-covered tower with leaded ogive windows skulk[ing] among the trees," fronted by "a massive pair of wroughtiron gates decorated with cherubs, masks of beasts, stylized reptiles and spearheads" (1,2).
Tenders are invited for C-Scan Inspection Of Ogive Assembly
We favor match ammunition because the bullet's ogive is shaped to efficiently center itself in the barrel's throat.
Remove the alignment guide and ogive plunger assembly.
Although the modular approach will allow the adaptation of any type of programming system to the MV rounds intended for air burst mode, Rheinmetall selected infrared optical programming, which requires only a free Picatinny rail to install the small penlight sized LED laser system that transfers the relevant data to the sensors located in the rear part of the front ogive.
The proportion of mature fish of all assessed fish classes, defined as a maturity ogive, was developed from samples caught during the spawning season (Murua et al.
It features a longer ogive, smaller meplat and improved boat tail to preserve downrange efficiency, enhance accuracy and reduce wind drift.