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Synonyms for oft

many times at short intervals

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Whereas,' said the man, 'Maister Weston 'ull pray with me quite in a different fashion, an' talk to me as kind as owt; an' oft read to me too, an' sit beside me just like a brother.
The OFT is now considering Diageo's offer to sell the bulk of the Whyte & Mackay business with the exception of two malt distilleries.
The Chancellor, in his Mansion House speech in June, asked the OFT to review the impact the LBG and RBS divestments (known as Project Verde and Rainbow respectively) will have on competition and to see what more could be done.
Mr Opperman spoke out after an EU inquiry concluded that oil firms may have "colluded" to manipulate petrol prices - just months after an investigation by the OFT came to the opposite conclusion, and insisted soaring prices at the pump were simply an inevitable result of higher crude oil prices.
Now, however, for reasons best known to the powers that be, it has been decided that the OFT will cease its Consumer Codes Approval Scheme from March 31.
OFT chief executive, Clive Maxwell, said, 'Personal current accounts are critical to the efficient functioning of the UK economy.
Ali Niklay, OFT senior director and the decision-maker in this case, said: "The OFT was concerned that Betfred's acquisition of the Tote led to the elimination of, or a substantial lessening in, choice of betting shops for people in 25 local areas.
Much of this has centred on the planned merger of the OFT and Competition Commission, which was announced more than a year and half ago and has still to happen.
The OFT want shoppers to tell them whether the proposed changes, outlined at www.
The OFT wants shoppers to tell it whether the proposed changes, outlined at www.
The OFT were concerned that too many buyers didn't ask for quotes or research prices when buying a scooter, stairlift or equipment such as hoists or bathroom fittings.
The OFT inquiry centred on allegations of anti-competitive conduct between June 8, 2007, and March 25, 2009.
The study follows preliminary OFT research and concerns within the sector over how the market works.
The indepth probe could have the OFT refer the proposed merger to the Competition Commission, which would have the power to block the plans.
Camra criticised the OFT decision and vowed to keep up the pressure to see the beer tie reformed.